Forest Holidays, Strathyre: Review

Right now, I’m sitting in a hot tub.. ,  surrounded by glorious greenery, sunshine and all of this is located outside a beautiful cabin with some much needed, peacefulness thrown in. What more could you ask for? Personally, I wouldn’t need anything else but the folks over at Forest Holidays certainly go that extra mile to make sure that when you stay in one of their cabins, all of your needs are being catered for… Even ones that you didn’t think you had!

When Forest Holidays agreed to let me review this weekend, we decided to turn it into a bit of a surprise for the 6year old and not tell her where and what we were doing. There were clues such as “being in water at night, under the stars” and “sleeping in a forest”. As we turned off the A84, on to the little road leading up(which we later learned in our dusk walk with the ranger,was the old train track from London to Inverness)and she saw the cabins… Her face was a picture. It was worth it and it’s things like this that memories are made of.

We reached our destination and went into the reception/shop where we were greeted by the warm and friendly staff member who told us about the cabin (Silverbirch), the activities such as nature workshops and walks at dusk, bike hire, in house chef, birthday packages, romantic break packages etc to the fresh bread made locally and the pamper services. The staff go above and beyond to make sure that you have all that you need and if forgetting anything, they provide you with a leaflet and printed out fact and info sheet.

After getting the directions to the cabin which would be “home” for the next few days, We drove up to our parking place which was numbered to our cottage and had space for two cars, but if you have more in your party,you can pay for an extra parking for a small fee. We crossed a little bridge where we went over a  stream and entered into the most wonderful cabin, that I had ever had the pleasure of staying in.


All of us ran around checking out the bedrooms and Thunderpants chose a room which would be hers, the one with the “den” in it. I then looked into our room and was blown away. We had the most comfiest of beds, robes, towels and a fantastic en suite which had a bath even bigger than our own corner tub at home. There were cute little flooring lights and I knew I would be relaxing in this after the kids were in bed, with a book and a glass of bubbly.


We were so very impressed by what we were seeing and despite the rain, the views were beautiful, so very atmospheric and we felt  cosy in our cabin, especially after we put the log burning fire on. It was exactly what was needed for two stressed out parents and two adventurous children. I could feel my stress drain away, and the fact that we hadn’t any access to wifi was even better because it stopped me from doing any work, checking emails, going on to Facebook and other social media platforms. This was a break from all of that and some much deserved and needed time, without distraction.

After dinner, which we chose to use the  BBQ, we headed out for the dusk walk with the resident ranger who told us all about the local area, the wildlife, plants, and animals. he was a very resourceful guide and he had Thunderpants captivated as well as the adults. You could tell that he enjoyed his job a lot, and really got quite a bit out of educating folk. We took some pictures of where we went , as you can see below.


During the course of the weekend, we also went into Callander, just to pick up a few things but to be honest, I would have been happy to have stayed at the site without venturing out. I think I will be trying out the canoeing when we hope to visit at the end of the summer with some friends, as well as some of the other ranger led workshops too.


There is so much to do here at this location, whether the sun shines or not and we are planning a stay in November for my Birthday and our Anniversary. One night alone, and the rest with friends and family. I have so much to say about our stay because there was so much that we experienced in our three days. I would thoroughly recommend this as a romantic getaway or as a family break. It really is a multi-functional holiday destination! Please do visit, because you won’t be disappointed.

* A special Thank You goes out to all staff who arranged this for us.








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