Fitness Fanatic Friday:week4

Late post again but very busy week! It’s going to be a short one as I did update with my personal training post on Tuesday.

This week my eating has been fantastic, lots of fish and shell fish and exercise wise , I have managed a very hard personal training session that I attended at 06:00am on Tuesday, a run/walk 1.89 miles on Wednesday despite being sore from the day before…. I could have cried! Thursday I did nothing as I had an extremely busy day (no excuse but was so tired), today I walked for just under 3miles and that was with the pram, up a few big hills.

Tomorrow I plan on going for a run in the morning, and I would like to go for at least 3miles but I have shin splints and just need to play it by ear. I know I should possibly chose another exercise to do until they get better.. A swim perhaps.. But I do like to run..

Next wk I have another session booked for Tuesday, I’m dying already at the thought… So that’s what I’ve done so far, that and I now have a loss of 11lbs over 12 weeks:)

What fitness goals have you achieved?

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2 thoughts on “Fitness Fanatic Friday:week4”

  1. Your are hardcore lady.. I would have ran a mile after a personal trainer session and I don’t mean in the logical way.. I would have gone to bed felt sorry for my aches and pains and grabbed the first bar of chocolate to hand.

    On a serious note, good on you for your dedication.
    Please send some my way 😉 x

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