Fitness Fanatic Friday:Week 7

I’ve just returned from my session with my personal trainer… Again I am sore but feeling alive , cause that’s the way exercise makes me feel.

Today was hard, as much as I hate to admit it to myself, and my trainer I realise just how little upper body strength I have just now. However I’m sure that will change in time.

Last week I didn’t exercise on Monday but I did Tuesday, Thursday and today. I walked a bit on Wednesday but no real fat burning as I was really shattered from the session the day before.

This weekend I will run and try to get past the 5k mark and i will be cycling to school with Thunderpants and walking back in the afternoon. My right leg seems to be giving me some trouble and I think that it’s my shoes which I’ve only had for a few months. I had my gait looked at, and it seems as though my right foot turns in so I should have been given shoes that fit accordingly.

Also this weekend, I have the school football tournament which I signed up for and it’s on Sunday afternoon. Me and my good ideas… Least it’s more exercise!

Food wise, I’ve noticed that I’m eating a tonne more fish and less meat. I just don’t fancy it and I’ve kind of gone off chicken too. I was given some protein rich dinners from my trainer which involve quorn and tofu, may give them a go.

So that’s my week! How has yours been?


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One thought on “Fitness Fanatic Friday:Week 7”

  1. I hear you on the upper body thing – mine is very weak as well. The good thing for us is that the only way is up! 🙂 One day we’ll do 2o push ups without breaking a sweat!

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