Fitness Fanatic Friday:Week 6

I’ve just returned from a session with my personal trainer, the second one of the week!

I also did Metafit for the first time which was fantastic and I did some walking as well. I haven’t done any running but I hope to get back in to it this week, starting tonight and tomorrow morning. I miss it , I was really busy this week and just felt like I couldn’t fit it in.

I had a bit of a wobble over last weekend and when it came to doing my session with Mark on Tuesday, I nearly burst into tears a few times due to the build up of emotion. I worked through it though and I’m feeling like me again, and I’m also considering speaking to my doctor about coming off of or reducing the dosage of my anti depressants. That’s how good exercise makes me feel. However it’s a conversation that I need to have with the husband as well, not something to be taken lightly.

So that’s been my week, pretty good exercise and eating wise! How did your week go?

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