Fitness Fanatic Friday’s:Week 2

This week I am writing as the days go on, so that I don’t forget how I’ve felt throughout the week before and after exercise and food.

I managed a run/walk on Saturday morning and used my couch to 5k app as well as my pedometer, as it calculates calories burned. It was a beautiful morning for a run and although tired, it was reading the posts from the others who have joined the linky and seeing other runners posts which made me go out.

After Saturday I haven’t done any exercise as we have had a really busy weekend and I have been very tired but I think I’m shattered as I haven’t done any! It gives me energy, without a doubt and the husband is taking the kids to his mothers tonight for an hour so I’m going to do the couch to 5k& see how it goes.

This week has also seen me cut out alcohol.. I love wine but what’s the point in doing all of that exercise and then drinking? It also makes me hungry and my level of resistance to crap food reduces greatly. I also hate being tired and moody the next day and that’s not fair on the kids.

As for food, the meal planning Monday linky helps out a lot! I’m making very healthy choices, and achieving my goal of eating more fish and discovering that I like non shell fish! So it’s Monday night right now and I am about to get my trainers on to go for a run!

Update:I did a 5k run/walk and felt bloody fantastic afterwards although I did go over my ankle and skin my knees, ha ha!

Wednesday: I’m shattered but feel I can cope with less sleep.the other thing is, when I start exercising after a break, I feel as though I’m getting a cold so in not running today. I did walk approx 3km’s and might do one of Jillian’s work
Thursday: I didn’t do a workout vid yesterday as I was absolutely shattered and if I wanted a run today, I needed to listen to my body. I’m up early with the wee man (04:30am) and I plan to do nothing but rest and nap with him as I want to do a longer walk/run tonight. I plan on consuming a lot of veg today and may go for another seafood stir fry due to the energy it gives me. I shouldn’t be eating white rice but I like it and I’m not going to cut it out of my diet just yet.

Friday: I have been up since 04:00am as the wee man was snuffly but surprisingly I’m not as tired as I would have been if I hadn’t been exercising. I was still reluctant to do a 5k, thought I’d only make it for a mile but I persevered and I did it faster and a bit over 5k. I kept thinking of the glass of wine waiting for me when I got home but I’m opting for tea instead… Oh my! This is not me! Ha ha. Anyhow, I feel great for getting out and I will either walk to school and back or do something physical in the morning:)

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