Exercise Take 2!

I don’t know what it is… well maybe I do.. I start exercise plans and then something comes up and I fall away from it all again. I feel like I’m constantly starting and stopping with the end result of piling on more weight. I self sabotage and then beat myself up about it again and again. No more.

Whats different this time? Well, for starters the youngest starts school in a few weeks which means from Monday to Friday I am pretty much a free agent and can hike til my hearts content. I don’t know if I want to spend money on a gym membership anymore or if I do, it will be on a low priced membership which costs under £20 because if I don’t manage it, I wont feel as bad.

Secondly, I have been on Instagram for a while and I follow some pretty amazing people who motivate me to the hilt and helped keep me going when I embarked on the West Highland Way and my next attempt to finish. I am taking pictures of before and after, sharing them on my feed with certain people only (sorry ), ad I will see some changes by Christmas.

I plan on getting some new gym clothing and most importantly a good supportive sports bra which means doing some research on line and has brought me to this Racerback bra from Knix . I like how comfortable it is, the material is soft and I don’t feel the need to remove it immediately after a work out like normal sports bras. It also washes really well and makes me feel good.

Its really important to me to look and feel good when I’m exercising because due to my own low body confidence right now, if anything is even slightly tight or if I feel uncomfortable in any way, I just feel rubbish.  This is why the old stuff is being thrown out and I’m making way for the new and better fitting stuff which will make me feel good.

On my quest, I am making sure that I start looking better again in terms of appearance.  One of the people that I follow has just recently got her hair cut and she looks great. I need something that is easily manageable and a color too because my greys are coming through really quickly. This will be dealt with tomorrow and I’m also going to get my brows done too by someone else rather than doing my own. A girl needs pampered!

So please join me as I embark on my new journey,which brings me much excitement and hope that this will be the time for my change.

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