Day 1 – Complete!

I woke up after a 9hr sleep and my first solo injection of B12. I purchased a years supply of B12 when I went home and the lovely chemist also threw in a few needles for self injection.

I haven’t self injected but know the sites that I can and I know the muscles so I wasn’t scared about doing it. I’ve been fighting with the GP practice to have my 3 monthly injections moved to every month or two months but they said it’s not possible. I then asked if they would teach me to self inject so that I had a source for needles but they wouldn’t allow that either.

I don’t understand why it differs from one practice to another, it would also free up time if people wanted to do it. There are some practices which do allow but unfortunately mine isn’t one of them.

Anyway, I feel that by taking more b12, my energy levels will be much higher and therefore I can complete this 100 days of fitness! That’s the point I was trying to make with all of the above but waffling as usual!

Today when I went to the gym I did 2 miles on treadmill with an incline , walking, 5 mins on the step machine and got up to level 6 for a short time and I was on the bike for 5 miles. I thought I did very well and tomorrow I want to do more weights.

So this is where I am for day 1!

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