Damn Christmas Spirit!

Ok, So in the day that I have been away from Facebook and Twitter, I have looked through Pinterest! Bloody hell, I’m replacing one addiction for another. Not really, I assure you and I promise. Thunderpants and I were looking on the Christmas section because our annual Christmas BBQ is coming up where we have our friends over and their kids, a bonfire in the back garden and food prepared. Last year we put a projector up, and showed Home alone, Elf and a few other Christmas movies for kids and the adults.I fucking love Christmas.

As we were browsing for ideas, both for cooking, crafts and decoration ideas I came across a “Random Thoughts of Kindness” Pin board and website (http://tsjphotography.com/blog/random-acts-of-christmas-kindness-summary/) … Where you can do things like put extra change in a parking meter , things like that and it started me thinking about our street and how there isn’t that much in the way of community spirit for one reason or another. Then the idea dawned on me…. with the help of a friend and I am awaiting her call…. What if her and I made up a little package which wouldn’t cost anything to make, or a note to put on someone’s window of car with encouraging words and just try to brighten up someone’s day?

I know what you’re thinking shes a “goody goody” etc why would you do that? , Well for those who do read my blog, you know I’m a sarcastic bitch, am bat shit crazy,I’m the least likely to do something like this..I moan and complain about everything and rant.. ALOT. I agree that it is a crazy idea blah blah blah BUT, someone might be having a bad day, feeling lonely, not have many around them, people could just need some cheering up. I am not religious, I am not doing it for any personal gain, I don’t want people to know its me (well why blog about it?) I am blogging cause people around here won’t know of my blog and therefore they won’t connect it to me 🙂 There is one person in particular who I want to write a letter to who doesn’t live on my street or in my community but lives near my husbands parents. I know she’s had an incredibly difficult time raising kids who unfortunately are drug users, and despite everything that she has gone through, she smiles and takes the time to ask how you’re doing. I don’t want to divulge too much as that wouldn’t be fair but this woman deserves to know that she is amazing. So maybe there will be an extension to the local community.

I am so excited about it and I really hope that it doesn’t sounds nuts (so hope they don’t feel that they are being stalked neither), this could be one of my most fucked up ideas to date but I want to do it, I am thankful for the family and friends that I have and although not assuming that the people on my street don’t have that too, its just nice to know that it could make someone smile especially as Christmas can be a difficult time of year for some. I will update on what ideas we come up with and I will try and post some pics too


What do y’all think? Crazy or not so crazy?

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7 thoughts on “Damn Christmas Spirit!”

    1. Thank you 🙂 I thought maybe I should start a different and annono blog to make sure that people dont know that its us…

  1. It’s a lovely idea! I’ve not done the anonymous way yet but I’m someone who automatically wants to do something to help cheer people up (things like buying special wheat free biscuits for a colleague when she snapped at me because it was so unlike her I knew she must be having a bad day etc) I think doing it anonymously is so much more special, I just haven’t ever done it. My friend does though… Her family have a tradition of making up a spare Christmas hamper each year and leaving it on the doorstep of someone they know has had a tough year. Another friend who crochets made a spare blanket when her daughter had a child and gave it to the midwives the day her grandson was born, asking them to give it to a family who needed a bit of extra love. I thought that was a wonderful idea and wanted to do the same when I had O but was just too sick to make a spare blanket 🙁

    Go for it 🙂 it is a wonderful idea!!

    1. Thanks Amanda, those all spun like lovely ideas. We were thinking if baking as well … Just nice to have people know that they are thought if and I realise we should do it all year round and not just at Xmas but it may be a new blogging project… Thanks for the feedback and RT’s! Really appreciate it:) x

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