Colic…as welcome as a fart in an airtight room

So.. according to the doctor, bubblebutt has Colic.  He has become unsetttled throughout the day unless in the car, is pulling his knees up, trouble getting wind up, his little hands go into fists, he cries and is really a grumpy wee thing that I cant really do anything for.

I had heard of this before as a friends daughter had it when she was born and it sounded horrendous but not something that I could relate to as Thunderpants was a really good baby who took things in her stride, didn’t even get upset when she was teething etc.  So you can imagine that it has come as quite a shock to us and I take back any moans that I ever had previously of our first child cause man was that easy compared to the hell we are all experiencing right now.

It usually gets bad around the 03:00am feed, I can’t seem to settle him and just when I think I have, he wakes up crying again. My whole body tenses, I panic, get angry and just feel general despair. I cry too as its hard to see him like that, I feel guilt that the husband has to get up because he has work and ends up sleeping in which makes him feel bad for not getting work done and ts all a vicious circle. I keep repeating to myself that it will pass and I know that it will but its really very hard and I can see why it gets parents down and can cause things such as PND.

I can’t seem to enjoy the wee man at the moment, it isn’t right that he should go through this pain for someone so little. I was lucky enough to be told about cranial osteopathy from someone on twitter. I booked an appointment for tomorrow but there was a cancellation for today and I took him up at 11:00am. Unfortunately it was when he was due a feed and I forgot to bring a bottle with me. I have another appointment on Thursday which is free of charge and I am hoping that she can settle him but I did notice that he was a bit better after the appointment.

So right now I am running on empty as is everyone else in the house, I feel sorry for Thunderpants as she is being woken too but she is most understanding and if I have a wee break down she soothes me and the baby! She’s a wee smasher and I am so lucky that shes such a sweetheart, don’t know what I would do without her 🙂 I know in a few months we will look back on this as a distant memory but right now its a living hell.


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