Tron theatre

Last Saturday, Thunderpants, the husband and I went to the showing of “The Night After Christmas” at 10:30am.

I did not know what to expect as there wasn’t much in the way of information regarding this on the net but that it was suitable for ages 3-6 and was not really that expensive,

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Sunny days , sweeping the clouds away

We decided to make proper use of our day and get some more blackberries for the jam that we are going to make in a few weeks. It was a challenging morning and my anxiety quite high but once we were out, it was much better:) so off we went, thunderpants, wonder dog and I. We collected some leaves and things from the lane and made an autumn picture





Art Gallery Glasgow

Yesterday my friends and I decided to take all of the children for a day out to Kelvingrove art gallery on what was probably the last of the warm and sunny days before winter hits us, and according to the met office, this will be very soon!

In our group, there were 4 children ranging from age 1 to age 4 , and I think that we picked the best place to be on the September holiday weekend as there was lots to see and do, it wasn’t crowded at all and parking was not a problem. I managed to get parked at the old transport museum , paying £2 for 4 hrs worth of parking which was fantastic! I have to say that when I was parking by the old transport museum, I had a pang of sadness as I really liked the old place, more than the new one that has just been built and opened.

Our group met at 12pm and we let the kids run around to enjoy the space and exhibits, which really are fantastic. I especially enjoyed the mental health exhibit and found out a lot about Glasgow’s history of different asylums ect and just how much as we have changed our views of this topic that is very close to my heart.

The children on the other-hand, seemed to enjoy the huge elephants, giraffe’s and other animals which are dotted about and my daughter asked if when the museum closed at night, do the animals come to life because if so, we could hide in the loo’s and see for ourselves! I would have enjoyed this as well but I think we will have to contend ourselves with watching “Night at the museum” instead until I think of a fool proof plan!

All in all, it was a great day out and we also went to Kelvingrove Park, which as as much a treat for the adults as it was the children. Cue the boys and their love of the huge slide, screaming like girls as they whoosh right by!

I would thoroughly rec going but the only neg aspect is the cafe prices for their sandwiches. But that can be rectified by taking your own and going across to the park if its a nice day.



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