Well… the time has come and I have researched and looked into it for a few months now. I’ve decided to go with Joe Wicks and do his 90 day 90 day sss plan

I turn 40 on the 16th of November and since qualifying and studying to become a Complimentary Therapist and losing my Dad, I’ve let my body go. I’ve turned into a tired hot mess with very little motivation and I’ve packed on the pounds.

I signed up after a fellow blogger did the same and we are going to motivate one another! I’ve added a YouTube channel but not sure if I’ll publish that on the blog just now… maybe when I start seeing results?

I plan on utilising the superb personal trainer known by most on twitter, as @gymguymark who will keep me on my toes with the HIIT stuff. This is possibly the best trainer in Glasgow, and he works from @WesternTennisClub in Hyndland. He trains some pretty high profile folks and with his agreement he may even allow me to film one of our sessions!

So why The Body Coach? Well…. he’s motivational, knows his shit and let’s people eat and not restrict themselves. We all know what restriction does to our bodies and I’m living proof of that! I think some of my difficulties might be bread and wine. I generally have toast every morning so I think I might need to get myself into the habit of trying oats because it’s quick, easy and nutritious.

Also, the thing I like about Joe is that he really does encourage people. You have a bad day? That’s ok and normal! Just start again. He understands that people have real life to deal with and he allows for that. I have a lot of time for someone who “gets it”.

Could I do this on my own without the help from BodyCoach and their supporters? At this point in my life, not very well. We can all do these things but I’m of the mindset just now of needing more encouragement and support. I’ve already had that the minute I signed up. I received emails and a tweet from Joe himself, congratulating me on being in board and seeing my progress.

I’m going to do this, I’m going to achieve and I’m going to encourage others who feel similar about themselves, to grab their fitness and eating by the balls!

I’ve started prep….

I will get into his hall of fame and maybe even meet the fella!

Holiday Count Down

It’s that time of year when I always get homesick and as I started a new path in life this year, I had told friends and family that I was going to stay home this year and concentrate on building my new business. However, when the nights get lighter,we have a glimpse of the sun and I see regular updates and picture of things taking place at home… I want to return home. So I might if finances allow and I do think it will.

This year though,my best friend is coming over from Canada with her daughter and I will have my little bit of Canada at home, We plan on going to London,one of the Islands,camping and various other things which will make the 11 days that they are here,pass by very quickly but with memories to last a lifetime. I’m really lucky that I have friends in my life that I do as different ones have visited over the years and have taken time out not to mention spent a lot of money coming over. so I am very grateful to them for their efforts.

Since we are going to be doing differen’t things, I thought that after passing my diploma, and gaining a second income that I would treat myself to a new wardrobe.I haven’t shopped much for myself as this past year studying has been so busy and with working and family life, it meant that I didn’t really look after myself much and weight has piled on but I am addressing that.  So on one nightshift,I was looking through the usual websites and found something new , and I started spending money.. This is my first choice for our dinner in London,will be this “Self Portrait Black Dress”

I chose it as it’s slightly differeren’t to what I would normally choose for myself but that is what the next year will be about for me now that the presure is off and I no longer have to worry about loads of assignments needing to be handed in. I might actually learn howto finally apply make up .. better late than never! I want to get healthier as I really have let myself go and I don’t feel healthy at all. I am going back to my clean eating and getting the kids and husband involved again. It feels good to have made that decision and if the kids help out in making dinners and lunches,they will be more inclined to eat healthier with me. Don’t get me wrong,they are pretty good with fruit and veg but ideally, I’dlike to eradicate sweets altogether.

As for new and healthier lifestyle, I reckon I can get back down to my previous weight and I think my goal will be a night away with my husband,hotel,dinner and theatre wearing this dress 🙂

Image 1 of Needle & Thread Voluminous Tulle Embellished Dress

It’ a color that I don’t usually go for and I hope it suits membut teamed with some lovely shoes and jacket,I might be able to pull it off! What do you think?

For now,its time for a walk and to be on count down to my best friend coming and to start my healthy eating regime again. I will be updating my health and fitness part of the blog in the next few days and its great to be blogging again after what seems forever.  I do hope that my progress will motivate some of you who feel stuck in a rut and want to make that first step.  You owe it to yourself,first and foremost!


Beefeater Does Christmas!

I received an email asking me  to review The Castle Beefeater’s, new Full On Festive menu and being a fan of all things Christmas, I thought “why not”? It’s possibly going to be one of the few nights out that I have due to work and study and it gave me a chance to catch up with a friend and my cousin.

Our reservation was booked for 7:30pm and although it was a horribly stormy night, I’m very glad that we ventured out to the restaurant over in Newton Mearns for what would be a lovely evening with gorgeous melt in you mouth food and such wonderful and accommodating staff. We had already emailed with our choice of food and I think on reading it, I was already salivating at the choices!

We were greeted by Alastair – one of the managers, and he showed us to our table, took our orders for drinks and explained that our food which was pre ordered, was ready for us when were were. Our waitress for the majority of the evening was the lovely Kirsty and we also spoke with Chris who helped us when we had a tiny issue with one of our steaks… Now, when I say issue- this is not a negative, it was a minor detail as to how one of the steaks would be cooked. I have been in many restaurants and this one really exceeded my expectations on many levels. When we asked for the steak to be returned for further cooking, we had the full plate replaced with all fresh items and offered food in between it being cooked as well.

For our starters, two of us had the crispy garlic and herb breaded mushrooms and the other had tomato soup with roasted red pepper. Both were very well presented and also incredibly tasty. I have to admit when agreeing to sample their menu, I wasn’t expecting the food to be so fresh and tasty and  thought it was going to be your usual pub/chain type of choice where everything is deep friend in a gallon of fat and oil. There was so many different things to choose from and I think I need to go back to try it all!

After our starter, our main arrived – Fillet Steak Rossini –  oh my word, It was amazing! The steak was one of the best that I have ever tasted, it was cooked exactly how I liked it and the meat was very tender. Being a fan of steak myself and often cooking Fillet Mignon for the family, this was better than anything that I have produced and I’m pretty good at cooking! Along with the steak which was served on top of toasted ciabatta, it was topped with a smooth chicken liver pate.  It was served with Dauphinoise Potatoes and slow roasted tomato and mushroom and beef jus.

At this point, we were stuffed to the brim and thankfully asked by Kirsty if we had wanted to wait a bit before our desert was brought out. We chatted for some time and then decided to see what was next, which was Chocolate Melt in the Middle Pudding, and for the other, Sundae with Orange Matchmakers. Spoiled was the theme of the night and spoiled was certainly what we experienced which is why I will be recommending this restaurant to my friends, family and anyone else who will listen! There are also many lovely items on the menu different to what we chose, such as the traditional turkey with all of the trimmings, cod loin with champagne sauce, mushroom and brie wellington, and a double steak festive burger.. See what  mean about being spoiled for choice?!  The children’s menu is also quite varied and will satisfy their taste buds with a choice of soup, poppin chicken, cheesy garlic bread, roast turkey, cod cubes, chips and peas, macaroni and cheese, and a 4oz flat iron steak. Also, note that kids under 3, eat free!

I have never considered going out for dinner on Christmas Day but after having this meal, in this particular restaurant and with such lovely staff, I do believe next year might actually be that first for us as a family. The atmosphere, friendliness and good quality food was enough to change my mind. For us, food is obviously the decider on where to go but to feel so welcomed by the staff .. they deserve to be highly praised. If you want to book with them, pop in and get a menu, place your order and let them take care of everything because you won’t be disappointed.

  • Thank you so very much, to Kirsty, Alastair, and Chris, along with  The Castle Beefeater , for having us and many thanks to the chef for producing such amazing food!


National Geographic:Kids Edition

Reading,books and Magazines..three of our favourite things to do with the kids at home during the day or at night before they go to bed. We all have our own genre.. My husband loves anything to do with cars , engineering,guitars and I’m all about the magazines about exercise. For the kids,they like anything that has lot of stories, color and crafts which I encourage because it helps them to be creative,and to learn which is why I was delighted to become a blogger . I was asked to choose 3 publications and I think I managed to get something to suit all of our tastes. It was hard to choose as they have a section for everything and I am a sucker for a good read.It’s part of my own “me”time.

I decided that the first one, I would get something completely differen’t for the kids because the almost 3year old is really taking things in and already understanding facts. My 8 yr old is at the age where a magazine like this with such a fanatsic reputation, will help her with learning in school as well as finding out about things going on in the world which might not be covered in class. I’d rather she was reading this instead of watching TV and she can digest the info at her own pace and she loves curling up on her bed or beanbag chair to read on her own or with her brother. She hasreceived two of these magazines and she loves looking through the mail at the end of the day to see if another has arrived!

photo 1

I’d say that both of us are actually learning about new things together,and there are places mentioned in the magazines which I have ever even considered learning about. There are also exciting competitions which we have entered such as the Jessops photography one and will wait in anticipation to see if we are shortlisted. The magazine puts things into perspective in that it has certainly made my daughter really think about how differen’t her life is to other children in the world. She feels very lucky to live where we do ad realises that there are some kids who don’t even have access to an education, She actually found that quite difficult ad I can see her as a budding activist already!

She also loves the various articles on how to make things and loast month she made frozen yoghurt melts which went down a treat. As a parent it can be difficult to get kids away from sweets due to outside influences at school and on TV but with things like this and by getting involved,its easier to educate and for them to understand why healthier options make sense.

I think that National Geographic Kids,will be a magazine that the kid will grow up reading.. oh,and me too!



Collins “Big Cat” Books and Atlas.

Where would we be without books? I know that personally I wouldn’t be where I am today had it not been for the Judy Blumes, Ann M Martins and VC Andrews of the world when I started realising just how much I loved reading and the escape that it provided me with. Books continue to provide me with other things and most importantly an education,even now as I embark on a new course at the end of the month.

We all know how important it is to start reading to kids from birth becaue it helps them to develop language/writing skills and kids associate it with comfort and love. I actually started reading to my eldest when she was in the womb as it felt like a nice thing to do and whether or not it is a coincidence, she loves picking up books now and often reads every night either to herelf,or her brother and she has a great imagination when it comes to writing stories at school.



So when we were asked to review some books by “Collins Big Cat”, she was delighted to receive 6 and a full color atlas as well as information for a website with coloring in downloads. Each pack contains 3 fiction and 3 non fiction books all for differen’t levels which will interest all readers whiuch have been used in schools but are now available on the high street. The atlas was a great help due to our recent trip to Canada and we also discussed her homework from last term which put things into perpective re the topic of countries.It’s colorful and clear which makes it easier for kids to grasp and understand as well as visualise which makes learning easy and fun. Also,by following the link,you can win a copy of each as well as a jigsaw puzzle.

From a parents perspective,  I like that they are tailored for differen’t reading levels but with activities to make it fun and we can do this all in the comfort of our own homes without it feeling like work and all of us are able to get involved. We have set aside an hour each night when the TV gets switched off and reading happens. My daughter has read all of the books to her brother and her and I have also done some reading together, She especially loved “The House in the forest”, and liked how the book was illustrated. She was also very proud of herself after going into school and telling her teacher what she learned when reading “Cloud Forest” and she was asked to speak about it to her classmates.

These books make reading fun, and they really are invaluable. My daughter would highly recommend these books, she has picked them up more than once and continues to do so and she likes telling her little brother facts that she has been reading about which as a parent , I couldn’t ask for anything more from a book.

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