Kit Heath Jewlery

I was on twitter one day last week when there was a request out to review a beautiful “Kit Heath” necklace from their very lovely children’s range. I had looked at their website( and in my experience of shopping for younger kids, girls in general, I have to say that I have never came across such quality and beautifully made necklaces… until I was introduced to the world of Kit Heath. I wish that I had known about them before as I would have bought items for my daughter and her friends for gifts at Christmas because they are very well made, the necklaces are sterling silver, and very strong without being bulky., and the prices are simply amazing for the quality and simple but expressive designs.20120305-153653.jpg

The designs truly do capture the heart of little girls , and their memories of childhood, without being overly old because lets face it, kids do grow up far too early and with some forms of jewelry out there, this is most definitely age appropriate. For a mother who worries about my daughter growing up too fast, I would not hesitate to buy many different things from the catalog. From such lovely collections titled “secret garden”, “Bow Jingles””Pick n Mix” and “Simply Charming”, amongst others, this is the perfect gift for any little girl to have.


When the package came through the door and my daughter saw what was inside the box, she was just as taken by the pretty red and polka dot bag that the necklace came in, which she was very impressed by and described it as the “treasure box” that it came in. We were given the “Candy Twist” necklace from the Fairground Collection,20120305-153722.jpg which stated in the description as being “bright lights, huge candy canes and massive smiles “, this is so very true and they have designed a necklace which truly captures this. With other necklaces and bracelets called “daisy ” and “Tooth fairy”, how could you not want one of these? There seems to have been as much thought and care when the designer first started out at the age of 18, as there clearly is now and it’s nice to see someone with an obvious passion in making these little gems 20120305-153441.jpg

I would highly recommend these as gifts for birthday’s, christenings(they have a range catered for that too), as gifts for little girls at weddings who are flower girls, or really any occasion when you want to make the little one in your life feel special , as mine had felt on Saturday when her necklace arrived, despite being a bit of a tom boy!

All in all, I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to have reviewed this product and I look forward to buying some of the items and also from the adult range too which is just as lovely as the children’s range. Thank you Kit Heath, for showing us your world of beautiful jewlery.


Gardening and WHICH? Magazine

The time is nearly upon us when we have ides of what to grow , how to transform our garden and what mistakes we can rectify from last years mistakes. So imagine my happiness when watching tv and an advert from WHICH? came on offering a free gardening guide , all I needed to do was call a free phone number 0800920160, to order .

When speaking to the operator, he asked me if I had grown my own veg and fruit before and I had mentioned that I had but that it didn’t always work out and I didn’t know if it was the soil or the slugs. He said that today they were offering a trial of 3 magazines of their proper gardening editions, for only £3.00. I was told that I could cancel after the three months as the price goes up to just under £30 for a subscription. Bargain here I come!

Its not just for economical reasons, that we want to be more self sustainable but there is a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that you have made something grow and that it doesn’t have the usual pesticides and whatever else they do to it before it reaches the supermarket shelves and your home.

Its also a very good learning opportunity for Thunderpants, who loves seeing the end results and especially loved digging through the soil for her potatoes and carrots last year. She is also trying new veg and fruit that she possibly would not have tried otherwise and I feel that it also works along side the cbeebies show, Mr Blooms Nursery. I as a child ate a lot of home grown fruit and veg whether it be from my Dad’s efforts or those of my aunts. I remember the green beans especially that I helped to snap the ends off of and then cooked and cooled for a salad or had them hot with the rest of the dinner. We also had cucumber, tomatoes and beetroot which were usually combined or on their own with balsamic vinegar, oil and pepper. Very simple but nutritional and tasty.

I have also pinned various different ideas in pinterest to my boards and have ideas of old welly boots that no longer fit, to old crates and tea pots to plant herbs and wild flowers. There are so many things that can be done , I think it will be a mish mash of odd bod’s and craziness this year. I have always liked chaos , there is no reason for the garden to be left out in that.




Tron theatre

Last Saturday, Thunderpants, the husband and I went to the showing of “The Night After Christmas” at 10:30am.

I did not know what to expect as there wasn’t much in the way of information regarding this on the net but that it was suitable for ages 3-6 and was not really that expensive,

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Slim Pod- Thinking slimmer

I have been asked to review this and since it isnt a diet, I was happy to oblige… because people who read this, I DON’T DO DIETS.  This is because they don’t work, science and common sense will tell you this. As will your increasing waist line after you start eating normally. diet and exercise is the only way to do it I’m afraid. Continue reading “Slim Pod- Thinking slimmer”

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