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Delete The Blog

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down to write for this blog and as I type right now, I’m feeling awkward and “meh”. Does this mean that it’s the end of the road and that I should close another chapter in my life? I really don’t know… 

I was thinking of writing anonymously and perhaps under a different genre altogether because I feel a bit suffocated by social media as a whole. I don’t feel like I can express myself without knowing that I will be judged or talked about , which really doesn’t bother me too much but there are people that I have cut out of my life over the past few years due to falseness and not having a lot in common (the PTA , school politics and discussing other mums just doesn’t do it for me as I’ve far better things to do with my time). 

I also feel like there needs to be a part of me that no one around here needs to know about. My goals and aspirations change in a daily basis and that’s ok , but to have a space to explore those ideas without it being set in stone, is quite refreshing!

Or being able to write in a therapeutic way without airing my dirty laundry to those that know me.. just a place to really not give a fuck. Should I just keep this in the background or stick the fingers up at those who read this and form their opinions or create a space that details everything and enjoy the freedom it could bring?

There has been a lot going on over the past wee while and I’d love to write about it… I think a lot of folk would identify with some of my experiences both good and bad. Only thing is, do I want to commit to writing when I have so many other things going on in my life?

I think I should weigh up the pros and cons… it’s good that we can see who still reads our blogs even when we are no longer in touch with those who were just “too much” , high maintenance , judgemental and negative( thank you for recording location and IP addresses, stacounter).

Ahh, this will be something to mull over in the coming weeks… 

Has anyone else been in a similar situation and if so, what did you decide and why?

My Journey to Doula Training

I know I said that I wouldn’t do much more this year in terms of studying because I needed a break after obtaining my level 3 Diploma in Complementary Therapies this year but I had a thought which would help me achieve my overall dream of helping women who require emotional support post and pre natally.

You see, it all makes sense … where my path has taken me. It was always going to lead me to here, I know this now. I was registered for the level 3 diploma over 3 years ago but when I became pregnant with my son and went through hyperemises again followed by prenatal and post natal anxiety and depression… it wasn’t possible. It was meant to be though and it was in my life path to go through those experiences. Especially now as I sign up for a course commencing in November in Belfast, to become a Doula.

I also did a diploma in pregnancy massage a few weeks ago, which will help both pre natally and post natally. I will be able to help physically via massage and somewhat mentally with my small counselling qualification. 

I have also submitted a volunteer application form to massage women in the Mother and Baby unit in Leverndale and if successful,I will be able to help women with anxiety and depression via the healing powers of massage and essential oils.

A few folk have looked at me as if I’m crazy but until you experience ill health when pregnant and after giving birth, it’s apparent that emotional support is a major factor in becoming well again.

I don’t wish to gain much in the way of monetary value at all, I’d like to help those who don’t have family/friends around them or are on low incomes but really need emotional support. I’d also had an idea when I worked with a womens support project recently, for one of the councils. Having volunteered in the past for the Rape Crisis centre in Glasgow, is also like to work with women who have experienced rape, sexual assault and abuse. 

Everything has led to these plans. From the PND, the studying counselling and Comp Therapies, and applying for mental health nursing…. the universe has been supporting me all along. I just had to experience things for myself:) I am really looking forward to starting my Doula course in November and I think that the women I meet on the course will bring valid and amazing stories and experiences to the group. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Best wishes. X

Tops ways to take care of  Your Washing Machine

A washing machine is an investment, if maintained properly, will run for many years. However, due to a lack of maintenance and lack of regular cleaning, the machine may get a build-up of dust and technical issues can arise which will lead to it becoming faulty. You may think that as long as the machine washes clothes, everything is fine. But if your machine starts making weird noises, which soon gets louder there may be a technical fault. It’s important to remember that no appliance is exempt from issues, and washing machines are certainly among these. Sooner or later, it may break down and you may end up wasting money on repairing it or replacing it.

We bring you some important tips to follow for taking care of your washing machine:
• Cleaning all parts of the Machine: Cleaning each and every external part of the machine after the washing is done is important. It’s quite tiring to do, but cleaning the water and surf particles is essential. It’s something that shouldn’t be ignored because water pressure not only wastes your time, but also energy. As the external part is important, cleaning the internal part is also important. Make sure you give your washing machine a thorough clean.

• Regular Maintenance: Maintaining the machine on a regular basis is also important. However, sometimes your machine will break for a reason unknown to you. If your Zanussi, AEG or Electrolux machine stops working give Service Force a call. They will come to your home to review and repair your machine.

• Never Overload the Machine: People generally overload the machine with too many clothes at one time. Overloading the appliance will ruin the natural rhythm. Moreover, after a few loaded washes it may go out of gear. Remember to give your machine room to breathe while it cleans your clothes- don’t burden it with too many garments at one time.  

• Drain the Water: The pipe that drains the water still holds some amount of water that also should be drained properly after the wash. Leaving water may leave a nasty or musty smell in the machine and can also make pipes turns rusty.

• Avoid Spilling Chemical: Any cloth containing chemical stains shouldn’t be directly washed in the machine. Chemicals like detergent and fabric conditioner contains corrosive compounds that can ruin the appliance. So the best thing to do is, wash the stain in hand before putting it in the machine.

Cleaning every part, especially the filter on a regular basis will certainly help in keeping the washing machine in good condition. Every machine comes with the instruction manual having information on maintenance of the appliance and cleaning. Following this will certainly help you to get the best return from your investment.

Cool for the summer

Wow! Where has time gone and what have you all been doing? If, like me your summer was incredibly busy and you feel as though you haven’t had time to even wipe your own arse, it’s maybe time to just sit down and take stock and BREATHE!
For us, we had decided against going home to Canada and instead have a bit of a stay- cation with friends who came over from Canada! We did so much in 11 days than I could ever imagine. From camping, to Crieff Hydro,to Ireland, Mull and the highlands – we did it all. I think my body and mind couldn’t keep up but we made memories with the kids and that’s what’s most important.

So what am I doing now? Ooft! Still working in my normal job whilst trying to build a business in massage and complementary therapies. I’m doing clients for urban massage, neighbours and friends in my wee “clinic” in the back garden AND, I even have a room in a salon. 

I have decided not to go back to college this year as it’s the boys last year before school and I want to spend it with him instead of being a stressed out ball of anxiety and all sorts of stress! I am picking up other courses which don’t have me out of action for a year, such as pregnancy massage and possibly sports therapy. 

It’s funny, life a year ago was so different and after doing this course,it’s taken me into so many different directions and opened up some amazing doors and possibilities. There were some who  told me that I was doing too much and tried to persuade me not to continue.. Luckily I have either kept my distance from their negativity or cut them out of my life completely. It’s great to banish that kid of energy from life!

I’m excited to see what life throws at us next! 

No homework for my kids.

I’ve been reading a few blogs, interacting with people on Twitter and the latter half of this year was spent telling my daughters teacher that she would not be doing homework.

I could tell by her facial expression that she either didn’t agree or had an opinion on it but possibly didn’t want to explore that as we are given only 10mins (at max), when doing parent -teacher meetings. That in itself tells you a lot about the school curriculum in Scotland…

I know I’m probably seen as that weird trouble making parent in the playground (and to the head teacher , especially when in the past I may have told her that I’m a recovering Catholic and it’s a catholic school) who rather than fit in with the parents/carers with their matching furniture/wall paper/car etc ,sings the praises of their children almost every week via social media (when actually we know how little Betty and Tommy are just as much the shit disturber as ours can be),would much rather survive each day of parenting… Without having to pull out my hair … but to be honest  I couldn’t give a rats ass about being in the parenting “in” crowd.I haven’t for a while and that in itself is liberating. I like that I don’t have to make small talk now with folk that I really don’t have much in common with and can just pick up my child and get on with my life. Sounds harsh but I just haven’t got the time to get involved with the latest gossip.

Back to the point of this post, I digress, yes! Homework… My child went to nursery and then on to school which means that from the age of 3, she has been in the system. Ok, partly our choice as I had wanted to go back to studying again. However, it is a system that constantly tells our young people that you need to do all of these things like go to university and/or college,in order to feel like you have achieved. To use correct punctuation or people will make fun of you and they will define you as a person if you get it wrong and posts “meme’s” on Facebook so that you and your friends can collectively belittle a person to satisfy your own insecurities and ego. Seen it happen loads of time and I actually pity those who do this regularly.  Yes,I wouldlovefor my children to goto college and univerity to study if they want to and I thoroughly encourage studying as there is so much to learn in life but if they want to do something else or go into work,I won’t push them because the world adds enough pressure to our lives as it is. People define others by the job they do,house they live in,area they live,car they drive etc.. What about morals,respecting others and your own

Why does my child need to do these things in order to feel like someone who matters? Why do we have to expect them to conform? They are little beings and sometimes I feel that we have too much influence on them and we need to let them express themselves, find out who they are and to grow.  Unfortunately in our society when you do that and let them explore their personalities they can some times not be included with their peers and get treated differently by the school.

Why does this happen and why as parents do we not just say “fuck it”,?! as Fleetwood Mac says “you can go your own way”! Or do as the little bumble bee girl in the video for Blind Melon’s “No Rain” and dance in those puddles under the droplets of rain that falls from the sky! Be different, be you… Show your kids that individuality and not being the same as anyone else, is good! Embrace it! Learn from your kids and let them learn from you! I bet it’s liberating:) trying to build their confidence so that they are comfortable in a society that preys on and makes a business out of our insecurities.

This post may not make sense or cover the actual topic but I tend to go off in a tangent and not follow the rules 😉

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