Marie Kondo, My Saviour!

For the past few months, I have been toying with the idea of the minimalist lifestyle and decluttering as well as trying to save money. Who isn’t, right?

Yet I can’t completely go totally minimalist just now as it’s a huge transition which will be too much too soon. So for now, I hover between that and my new found organiser and sweet sounding guru, Marie Kondo! She is amazing and everything I aspire to be!!! This woman is amazing and although a bit off the wall at times, I totally see where she is coming from.

I started watching the new series on Netflix and even my daughter loves it. She did some tidying of her own and I managed to get 7 bags of shit out of my life for good. I think there is plenty more to go and I haven’t even scratched the surface.

I had thought about selling some of the things that I am throwing out or gifting to charity shops but I haven’t got the time to do it and also be charged fees from eBay if selling. The other alternative would be to go via marketplace etc but folk don’t show and the whole point of decluttering is to get it out of the house and “letting it go”.

There have been a lot of letting go in this process and Marie Kondo talks about this in her show. She also talks about thanking the house, the items etc.. at first thought it may seem bat shit crazy but think about the stuff you’re putting in black bags… the memories and although you’re now finished with them and they no longer fit in with your here and now, they did serve a purpose.

One item that I let go was a baby blanket.. it was something that my daughter had from birth and thanking it for giving warmth and comfort was first and foremost, it also held some not so great memories. Those were the difficult times with post natal depression… and it’s those feelings that I need to let go of but still hold onto. This is a step in the right direction and I felt good letting it drop into the abyss of the black bag!

Another item was this black wrap dress… it was a size 10 and I have had it for over 14 years. My first memory was pre kids and I was out with my them boyfriend and now husband. We were walking towards Burger King at the end of a night out and someone shouted “Hey Beyoncé”! It made me laugh that someone thought my legs looked like hers! It was always my go to dress and I certainly got a lot of wear out of it! However, post kids I haven’t worn it more than a few times but that hasn’t been for many years. It now brings shame.. shame of the weight gained but haven’t lost. I could keep it and hope to slim into it but why shame myself any further?

As I continue to go through items in my room, I continue to appreciate and have thanks and this is due to watching only a few episodes of Marie Kondo’s programme. She has the right idea of appreciating things but also in letting go of things which hold us back or mean holding onto memories that we really need to dispose of in order to move forward. Clutter can hold us back more than we know and clutter can impact our mental health. We only need to watch programmes on TV to know this.

As I enter into a new chapter in my life(new job!) , I also want to be free of things that have held me back in the past. It’s not just for me but also for my kids and husband because I think they are as deeply affected by it all as much as I am.

As soon as the house is free of most things that we no longer need, I want to continue working on my physical clutter which means continuing with the exercise and healthy eating. I didn’t donate all of my “old” clothes, I have kept a few pairs of jeans and this dress which represents colour, freedom, summer, light and all the things I see me being. This dress represents where I want to be but also where I know I can be:)

I’ve never worn it,’I’ve had it for a few years and it’s brand new still with tags on it . My goal is to be in it by the end of the summer.. any closer and it would just be a bonus. It represents some of the old me … the bit I lost along the way but am slowly getting back… the quirks, positive and fun side. The person I know I can be again.

Thats where I am, but I’ll be writing a bit more on my new journey in the months to come!

Holy Moly Guacamole!

Ok folks, you know I take my avocado and anything to do with such, very seriously,right? Well recently I was sent an amazing guacamole brand to try out which ticked all of my boxes. The Holy Moly Guacamole range is the best thing I’ve tasted without me preparing that morning. It’s fresh, tasty and very yummy!

The task was to make a recipe which would let me use the two dips, )original and my fave of the two- spicy due to the jalapeño) with ingredients I was able to get via my local Sainsbury’s and to blog about it. I love a challenge as much as I love avocado and guacamole and with the two samples sent through, I set myself up to try out lots of different things for myself and the kids.

Off we went and as there were so many ideas in my head about what we could try, I thought we would buy extra portions because I knew it would get used. Also, I’m starting a new job next week and this would be very useful for lunches without the mess and hassle. I also bought some rice crackers to spread it on for us to sample with lunch and also some falafel which myself and the kids love.

This went down a treat, was a way of getting back on track with the healthy eating and really was incredibly filling but without having that “afternoon nap slump” that you sometimes get after eating a full lunch.

I digress!

Our plan was to make lentil and/ or beetroot vegan burgers. I love that the dip itself is vegan and gluten free,and that unlike other brands which are highly processed, these use at least 2 HAAS avocados in each tub.. which is probably one of the reasons why I don’t feel so darn bloated after having it. This is a bonus within itself due to my many issues with gluten but since steering more towards a vegan diet, I feel less so. Also, with it being all natural ingredients, it’s not just my stomach that is feeling the benefits but the kids most importantly.

I wanted to make a recipe that was easy and wasn’t difficult and saved time. I can freeze these and take them to work or the kids can have them as snack after school. This is what I did..

  • 100 g green lentils
  • 200 g sweet potato, chopped into chunks
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1 small red onion (about 100g), peeled and diced
  • 1 large clove garlic, peeled and crushed
  • 1 tbsp tahini
  1. Preheat your oven to 200C/180Fan

  2. Rinse your lentils and then put them in a saucepan with plenty of water, bring to the boil and then simmer for about 35 minutes or until tender. Drain and rinse under the cold tap. 

  3. Meanwhile place your sweet potatoes in a baking tray with the oil, cumin seeds and paprika and roast in a hot oven at 200C for 20 – 30 minutes until soft. Allow to cool.

  4. Mix together all the ingredients in a large bowl. Form into burger shapes and place on a lightly greased baking tray.

  5. Bake for 25 minutes in your preheated oven (200C/180Fan), flip and bake for a further 8 – 10 minutes until browned.

I added beetroot to the recipe because I had some that I needed to use and I know the health benefits. As I’m trying really hard to get all of my nutrients in, I also added some cheese to the bottom for even more healthy fats.

The dips are so versatile and as well as topping my burgers, I used it for breakfast and it went very well with eggs and tomatoes which generally I have every day.

I would highly recommend these amazing dips, they are tasty, healthy and the first to be approved by the Vegan Society. At only £2.75 per 150g tub, it’s a no brainier! You can put it on oatcakes, crackers, boiled eggs, on chicken.. the list is endless. I know that 2019 will have me healthier when adding this to my diet, check it out!

Life Update

I took a back seat from blogging for longer than I had intended to because of various different reasons. I was studying and doing my Complementary Therapy Diploma, the kids were younger, my shifts were impacting my life as I was working every weekend and I was also building a business via treatments.

So nearly 2 years later, here I am back and raring to go. I do realise that there have been a lot of things left unsettled such as my update on the West Highland Way, my 18 for 2018 etc and etc. Life just got in the way and that’s fine. It often happens when you have a young family and are juggling many different things at one time and on a daily basis.

I also struggled to find where exactly my blog “fit”. I did the whole “parenting blog” thing but felt that there was a lot that I had to do which wasn’t me. I couldn’t trawl through blogs and leave comments in hope that others did the same. I have to be interested in a subject and it felt wrong to concentrate so much on getting likes and followers in order for stats to improve. It’s not me and it felt so superficial.

I know that some people use blogging as a full time job and that’s great but my head would explode if I had to devote so much time to being on a computer every single day, reading things that just didn’t interest me. I like to get out of the house, interact with folk and experience life without being chained to a desk!

Don’t get me wrong, I admire so many who have been able to turn their passion into a job. They work very hard to get to where they are and devote a lot of time and energy but it’s not something I want this blog to be about. There’s no rules in blogging world. Sometimes I’ll participate in things that pique my interest and sometimes I’ll fall away from it and that’s fine because this is my little space in the world where I can be a scatter brain if I want and have no judgement.

It is this place which helps me figure out my life a little bit, to maybe inspire others to work through things that crop up now and again within their own world and to process it and then move on. It’s a therapy within itself which is why I started blogging in the first place.

Sometimes I’ll do reviews for products I believe in or want to try and sometimes I’ll make some money off of the blog because I can and I may need a bit of extra cash to buy things for the kids, house, or cause extras are nice to have.

So on that note, I may increase my blogging in the next few months and I might disappear too.. who knows?! At least this is one space in life where there is no pressure or time limit set and I can be as free as I want to be.oh and spelling and grammar doesn’t matter either 😂

Day 1 – Complete!

I woke up after a 9hr sleep and my first solo injection of B12. I purchased a years supply of B12 when I went home and the lovely chemist also threw in a few needles for self injection.

I haven’t self injected but know the sites that I can and I know the muscles so I wasn’t scared about doing it. I’ve been fighting with the GP practice to have my 3 monthly injections moved to every month or two months but they said it’s not possible. I then asked if they would teach me to self inject so that I had a source for needles but they wouldn’t allow that either.

I don’t understand why it differs from one practice to another, it would also free up time if people wanted to do it. There are some practices which do allow but unfortunately mine isn’t one of them.

Anyway, I feel that by taking more b12, my energy levels will be much higher and therefore I can complete this 100 days of fitness! That’s the point I was trying to make with all of the above but waffling as usual!

Today when I went to the gym I did 2 miles on treadmill with an incline , walking, 5 mins on the step machine and got up to level 6 for a short time and I was on the bike for 5 miles. I thought I did very well and tomorrow I want to do more weights.

So this is where I am for day 1!

100 Day Fitness challenge

I have been getting my mental and physical health in check due to some recent events back home, and through watching some YouTube videos, I came across a wonderful woman who lost over 50lbs since last January.

As you all know, I like to keep fit but sometimes it falls by the wayside and I never seem to fully get on top of it. So as of tomorrow, I’m setting myself a “100 days of fitness” challenge. I want to either walk, run,gym or swim myself to a better me in 100 days.

I joined “The Gym”, a few months ago and I really enjoy the atmosphere as well as the 24hr access and the fact that it is close by. I have gone late and also early in the morning and I like that I have that flexibility which can change daily due to family and work commitments.

So tonight I will get a good night sleep and be ready to take on my challenge from tomorrow. I will blog/vlog and maybe put some stuff up on Facebook but I’ll share the links when and if I do.

I’m lucky that my birthday is coming up as I’ll be buying some personal training sessions as well as working with a friend who is writing me a programme on line as well as checking in with me. I think with all of these things, I’ll nail it and get some good results by February.

How do you tackle your fitness commitments? Do you go to a gym or do it at home with weights or fitness dvds?

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