Babies,jobbies and free spirits

So let’s set the scene… I’m at a 5yr olds b day party, party 1 of 2 parties as we are going to a 90th tonight…. Kids running around, squeals of happiness and mischief and I’m happily watching whilst drinking my coffee.

And then it happens… No, I don’t mean starting a sentence with the word “and” what I mean is this… Woman walks unto the soft play with a baby, a NEW baby! Bang, just like that! No prior warning, nothing! I’m completely taken aback…. And my thoughts turn to the following. I WANT ONE OF THOSE!

My daughter asked a while back about the whole baby making process and we had to be careful in what we said as this is the same little girl who only yesterday upon finding a condom in my bedside drawers, said “this is for daddies who can’t make it to the toilet, it’s for their pee pee”… She is one smart cookie! She could be on to something there! Maybe we should patent that idea now!

We told her almost what happened , without going too in depth because well, even I think she is too young to know everything. So the way she worked it out in her head was that Daddy and Mummy could go in the kitchen and make a baby in the oven.

I like the way she thinks 🙂

Back to the story.. So this little baby is sitting quietly looking all cute, cosy and warm and I am just over myself with these broody thoughts! Never mind how my last pregnancy made me so ill that I was a size 10 at 4mnths or the PND thereafter. Nope, it doesn’t matter cause things change, support is all around me and I’m not afraid to speak speak out.

So hopefully, soon I may have some news and I’ll have one of Those cute wee bundles of loveliness to share with my other beautiful Thunderpants. Whatever we get, boy or girl, I hope they share the same dark sense of humor and is as free spirited , and who does her own thing! Apart from handing me a jobbie ……

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