Meal Planning Monday

I haven’t linked up to much lately as I haven’t had a routine but now that life is settling and Bubblebutt is sleeping through the night, I have gotten my blogging mojo back and I’m raring to go. I will also be hosting a link up this week, my first ever!Thanks to @homewithmrsm for creating this, check out her meal planning.

Here is what we are having:

Monday: Smoked Haddock, broccoli,cauliflower and baby potatoes. My daughter loves fish and we are trying to eat it twice a week as the health benefits are immense as pointed out by @fishisthedish and their new 6 week campaign, check out their site, its really great and there are a lot of fantastic recipes there. I saw a great one which @susankmann recently did, check out her blog here

Tuesday: Chicken Jalfreizi, this comes from my Hairy Dieters cook book that I purchased after Christmas and it is probably one of the tastiest meals that I have ever made and tasted. Thunderpants loves it as well and with her being quite fussy, its a winner in our household.

Wednesday: Gammon Steak with pineapple,whole potatoes, carrots,& sweet corn. Also Home made lentil soup which I made on Sunday and stuck in the freezer. Another favorite in our house, and also very tasty although I know it has a lot of salt in it but we can’t resist.

Thursday:Chilli lemon Tuna and Broccoli Spaghetti, another from the Hairy Dieters cook book. I haven’t made this before and I am really looking forward to trying it… I hope it turns out!

Friday: Sun Dried Tomato and chorizo Risotto, its a pampered chef recipe that had been sent to me from a friend and again it is a new recipe that I haven’t done before. Hit or miss with risotto but in the past it seems to have worked out ok. I’ll also include asparagus as a side, for me really as neither husband not Thunderpants likes it.

Saturday:Italian Meatballs with Chunky Tomato Sauce: Hairy Dieters recipe, It calls for pork mince but we use beef mince and is as tasty as! I know we are having spaghetti twice in the week but I’m stepping up the running and it will give me some energy! I may substitute mine with chunky vegetables as I want to increase the amount that I have.

Sunday: Usually we go to my cousins or the husbands parents but if we don’t, it will be a roast chicken or beef…

So that’s our week , what are you having?

*If anyone wants the recipes or ingredients let me know.

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