Lose 10lbs By Christmas..?

Is it possible for someone who hasn’t been in the gym for 5 months, to totally revamp their diet and get back into exercise and actually do this?! 
I don’t know but I am sure going to try! I started reducing my portions and cutting out bread , not eating after 7pm to let my digestive system do the work and used visualisation to help me get there and achieve.

Last night I went to the gym… It took me approx 50 mins to do a 5k – running and majority of it was spent walking but it made me feel great. I know I can do this, I will do it and I have an incentive to do it.

In total, I have approx 2 1/2 stone to lose, which is like to have completed by July as that’s when I am next going home to Canada and I’d like to be able to wear clothes that don’t make me feel uncomfortable.

So I guess I’m going to start a series of blog posts which may just be about what I have eaten for the day and what exercises that I have done. 

Current weight : 12 stone 2, started sunday and feeling good so far! Here are some

Examples of other meals that I make..  See,

I don’t believe in starving myself, instead it’s about clean eating and using foods with high nutritional value

I like to plan ahead and I’ve found through boiling eggs and cooking chicken, that I don’t need anything that isn’t good for me nor am I craving sweet stuff because I have food to hand and I’ve also made sure I drink at least 2 litres of water a day. 

So off I go to sleep,not hungry but looking forward to getting up at 06:00 for the gym !

What do you eat?

A lot of people have asked me what I eat when training and  in general so I thought I would include pics of the meals that I make on a regular basis. I generally try to use what I have to hand but I also look to instagram and the people I follow for inspiration and facebook groups, too.  I try to plan as much as I can and this means less food waste and I also don’t spend a lot because I do 1 big shop a month, where as if I was going to the shops daily, I could be tempted to pick up things that I don’t really need and we are all guilty of that.Clean eating


Since being at The Camp, I’ve reduced my portion sizes considerably and of the 7.5lbs that I lost that week, I’ve managed to keep it off- and still losing, nearly 3 weeks later! If you want to follow my food posts, just click over it Instagram where I’m known as “Angelfire16” and I love showing people what I eat as instagram has helped me when I’ve been stuck for ideas. I’ve been mindful of not having any processed foods and I haven’t really even craved sweet stuff but when I do, its a couple of squares of dark chocolate or some dates.

Have you recently started eating clean? What sorts of food do you make?

Body Transformation

Last week saw the return of the “Punnisher”, aka @gymguymark. I hadn’t been in the gym with him since before Christmas because of the trip home to Canada , Christmas and lack of motivation. It felt great to be there and to be put through my paces again knowing that technique would be spot on. I sent a few texts to Mark prior to out session and explained that I really wanted to make weights a huge part of my routine and after reading up and researching topics that would help me do that, he brought together a routine which used a lot of my body weight.
I have to say that last week was an amazing week for me in progress and I was in the gym a lot! I did a body pump class for the first time in years, I did walking and hill sprints when I was out with the dog and I worked out on the treadmill after reading an article about HIIT and using the treadmill to your full advantage. Now usually I get really bored at times if on my own and running but this really mixed it up. From using the incline to running at speeds of 10, slowing down, walking etc, I was sweating heavily and really could feel the burn!
Since my return to the gym, I would say that I was addicted (in a good way) and that there really is nothing stopping me from achieving. Even more so due to something else happening in my life. I will reveal all later this week and its like all of my Christmas’s have come at once! I need to concentrate on meal planning, less on the scale and more on the inch loss.  The scale really is not your friend and if you’re concentrating on toning up , you” never get a true reflection on what you have achieved.
I look forward to seeing how things go this week, and it kicks off tonight with a body pump class at the Emirates Arena here in Glasgow and might be followed by some running. Tomorrow morning I’m doing a class with a friend and will get in a few walks with the dog too. I am considering yoga but I do like more intense work outs but maybe it will compliment the harder workouts? What do you do for fitness?  Are there any recommendations that you have for classes?

The Power Of Clean Eating

 IMG_3754.JPG I am approx 2 weeks into my clean eating and exercise regime and I have not only lost weight but I am less anxious and more calm which for me is totally amazing. I have always had anxiety but after PND, it increased and its something that really gets to me. 

With this decrease in anxiety and all that comes with it,  it means more quality time as a family and one to one time with my daughter which I have thoroughly enjoyed and for the first time in a long while, I feel pretty normal. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t completely gone but there certainly is a major change and thats good enough for me.

 I have started trying new foods and including even healthier choices within my diet such as Kale and different types of pulses which I wouldn’t have tried before.  I was never one  to be satisfied by salads as a main meal but this week I found that I was completely full after a kale , asparagus, bacon, and beetroot salad which I found whilst browsing on line. It will be a regular “go to” meal for when I am in a rush and haven’t got much time to prepare which is normal especially due to having two kids in the house!


 I am also using the slow cooker a lot and today’s dinner was put in (a whole chicken), at 08:00am and was finished for 5pm and the meat just slid off the bone. It was delicious and the only thing I needed to do was add some spices and then boil the veg when it was ready. An easy meal which wasn’t long to prepare , nutritious and I can use the rest of the meat for a curry, salad or fajitas.

Here are some of the meals that I have eaten over the past 2 weeks…


 I thoroughly encourage following the ethos of clean eating because the benefits are really pretty amazing. It’s not just how I feel mentally but physically too, with healthier skin  and hair as well as more energy for exercise.

Monthly Meal Plan

Due to our upcoming trip this summer to Canada and wanting to pay more money towards our mortgage, I am doing more over time at work and tightening our belts when it comes to spending. I’ve always liked a good bargain and I have always been someone who loves to cook, especially for the family and I have been following a few websites such as “Feed your Family for around £20“,  which is absolutely ace, whilst coming up with even more ways to save money when it comes to our food. I have also seen us throw out less and less and that also means spending less on fresh fruit and veg, instead using it for sauces etc. If you look at the pic below, you can see the counter full of food that was purchased, and a bit of the shopping list I used.


Today was pay day and I decided to do an overhaul of everything and that’s when I came up with a whole months worth of healthy meal planning which you can see below. I went to the shop and spent £64.00 and it is going to do us for the whole month food wise because I simply sat down and worked it out. It’s not difficult and took me a little over 20 mins, shopping took about 20 mins too and batch cooking for some meals took about an hour.

I don’t know why people don’t do more of this, especially those who have to live on smaller budgets because it really is much healthier and less expensive. I know that time is a factor but after the kids go to bed you can plan your menu and then pop off to the shops the following day or night. Also, cooking can be done at night or when the kids are at school/napping and its really that easy.

I used our local Aldi store and didn’t have to venture to the usual supermarkets to purchase items, but was able to get all that I needed because I am quite familiar with what they stock and based our ideas around that. I haven’t had to pick up  anything at all this month and as we are into week 3 of my personal challenge, with plenty of meals still to be made. I realise that I was spending far too much before and now  £15 can feed us for a week without going hungry where as before I would go into the supermarket and spend that on one meal alone.

Here is what we got and some of the meals that I prepared, saving us over £200 this month alone.



Although it may seem like its easier and cheap to use jars for sauces, I really do shy away now from buying them and now make things such as naan bread as you can see above and pasta sauces. its a great way to use up and not waste. If you feel that your fruit could go to waste, put it in the freezer or make a loaf of banana bread. Veg makes great soup and sauces but can be used in loads of different soups and you can freeze things too.


I also buy less breast meat and more thighs when it comes to chicken and I bought two packs with 6 chicken thighs in each which meant cooking them all at once, cooling and then freezing. They were handy for curries as well as fajitas , soups and risotto.


So what do you think, could you meal plan and save more each month? Or do you do this already and get it even cheaper? I’d love to know your recipes.


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