Body Transformation

Last week saw the return of the “Punnisher”, aka @gymguymark. I hadn’t been in the gym with him since before Christmas because of the trip home to Canada , Christmas and lack of motivation. It felt great to be there and to be put through my paces again knowing that technique would be spot on. I sent a few texts to Mark prior to out session and explained that I really wanted to make weights a huge part of my routine and after reading up and researching topics that would help me do that, he brought together a routine which used a lot of my body weight.
I have to say that last week was an amazing week for me in progress and I was in the gym a lot! I did a body pump class for the first time in years, I did walking and hill sprints when I was out with the dog and I worked out on the treadmill after reading an article about HIIT and using the treadmill to your full advantage. Now usually I get really bored at times if on my own and running but this really mixed it up. From using the incline to running at speeds of 10, slowing down, walking etc, I was sweating heavily and really could feel the burn!
Since my return to the gym, I would say that I was addicted (in a good way) and that there really is nothing stopping me from achieving. Even more so due to something else happening in my life. I will reveal all later this week and its like all of my Christmas’s have come at once! I need to concentrate on meal planning, less on the scale and more on the inch loss.  The scale really is not your friend and if you’re concentrating on toning up , you” never get a true reflection on what you have achieved.
I look forward to seeing how things go this week, and it kicks off tonight with a body pump class at the Emirates Arena here in Glasgow and might be followed by some running. Tomorrow morning I’m doing a class with a friend and will get in a few walks with the dog too. I am considering yoga but I do like more intense work outs but maybe it will compliment the harder workouts? What do you do for fitness?  Are there any recommendations that you have for classes?

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