Body Coach Week 1

A week today, I started with The Body Coach, Joe Wicks plan to transform my body but most importantly, to teach myself more about nutrition and about getting back into exercise.

This week has been a learning curve… some good days and some bad. I had wine last wk, but rather than drinking alcohol 2-3 nights a wk, I’m only drinking once a week. The motivation to get my shit together so to speak, meant that I didn’t follow my usual , post alcohol routine of eating rubbish the next day.

I was TOTALLY on plan AND working the next day which is usually a combination of pure mayhem. Due to “prepping like a boss”, I had loads of food at my disposal and it was great. I wasn’t hungry at all and I even went for a run before I started on shift.

However, with the good comes the not so good but that’s totally my doing and I’m not being negative. Here’s why…. I haven’t read the plan completely and digested (pardon the pun), all of the info especially the all important SWAP function. I’ve had lot on with clients and normal work, but the positive flip side is that although I went off plan twice , 1 with wine and yesterday cause I was tired after 3 nights in a row with insomnia. BUT, no crisps, chocolate, cakes or anything sugary has passed these lips.

I am going to have 1 night a wk which will be social and I’m allowing myself some wine. My exercise has been what it should be, water intake amazing and although I may extend the plan by 2 days, it’s really nothing in the grand scheme of things.

I’ve had wobbles because really, it’s a huge amount of info to take in. The preparation is key. I can’t stress this enough. You won’t succeed if you don’t prep…. unless you’re totally laid back and have minimal commitments, which it’s the complete opposite of my life.

I’m also lucky that my friend Jo is my constant source of support as well as the Facebook groups that I’ve mentioned. A week in and my mindset and willpower has changed and in the best possible way.

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One thought on “Body Coach Week 1”

  1. You go lovely lady! I’m with you every step of the way. I agree it’s not easy but you are right preparation is a must.

    Like you I am finding this difficult, but we’ll get there!

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