Blogging Break

I haven’t been blogging or ontwitter much over the past wee while and I think it was an unconscious decision to take a break, a much needed one to recharge the batteries.

With blogging, as most of you will know,it can be utterly exhausting. Keeping up with reading, commenting, writing your own posts, being on twitter, Facebook etc. also not to mention the thoughts that everyone has of “is my blog good enough”, re evaluating the reasons why you blog and then remembering that it’s for you and anyone else reading it is a bonus.

One thing that I’ve noticed since my break is that my productivity has gone up and I’ve finally had shelves put up in the living room which have been sitting there for months(pic included), I’ve done some baking and tackled a few other Pinterest projects. Such as this one, a cinnamon bread, 20130917-075823.jpg

And this one which doesnt look like much but I tidied it up, and put holes at the op so that I could put fairy lights inside to make little lanterns:20130917-075947.jpg

However, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not the blogging which is really the issue as such but this damn iPhone and all of its apps. Someone had written a post earlier this week and said that we spend so much time on our phones and gadgets and I realised this last night when I was on my phone, husband on his tablet and daughter in her sim free gadget. I had to stop us all and say “look at us”!

So today I am leaving the phone at home. It stresses the life out if me and I need more days of less stress and more relaxation! Imagine if we all did this? Certain companies would be hit hard almost immediately… And that would only be for 1 day of people putting down their phones.

I have forgotten my phone at home before and once the initial realisation sunk in and the twitching stopped,I realised that I was going to survive and be ok… The world wasn’t going to end just because no one was able to get
hold of me immediately.. So here goes… Oh and here are some pics of what I was doing whilst on my break…





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One thought on “Blogging Break”

  1. I can totally relate to this – I deactivated my FB for a while as I was feeling swamped, and felt more free almost immediately (though I have since reactivated it, as I do need it to keep up with certain friends). And I’ve found that whilst it has generated me a few more occasional blog readers, Twitter drains so much of my time that I have actually been blogging less. I turn on Twitter and suddenly hours have passed! I had to take a step back this week and be honest with myself – very few if any of my Twitter followers would notice if I wasn’t there…and that’s helped take the pressure off.

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