Baby Tradition

Today I made a very special purchase for Bubblebutt, I have purchased his very first pair of converse shoes. We as a family have always purchased converse as they are shoes that we have worn individually since we were teenagers, mainly influenced by our choice in music. So it was only natural when Thunderpants &Bubblebutt came along that we got them a pair, Thunderpants actually now owns approx 6 pairs in different colors and styles.

I know that Bubblebutt is not anywhere near walking but when I was in Buchanan Galleries, I saw a pair that I couldn’t resist buying. I think they will go very well with his “Motorbaby” T-shirt and camouflage combats 🙂 He’s a litte rocker baby and Thunderpants actually turned to him and said “Rock on ,Nathan”! What a proud moment for us as parents 😉 I only wish that I had gotten it on video to show them both later on when they are older but having the blog will do.

Its amazing how much they are both growing in to their own little personalities, Thunderpants is really very much in to her fashion and its something that she has had even from a young age. I gave up trying to dress her years ago and I am glad that I have because she really knows how to put an outfit together, much better than her mammy! I will probably be going to her in years to come for some style tips and hints, although when I was going through my rock/goth stage I seemed a bit better in how to put a nice outfit together.

I think that once all of this fitness work pays off, that I will be going back to my old style, I have started buying stuff already as I know that its only going to be a matter of time before the weight comes off. At least I haven’t totally gone all mumsy and I still own my trusty converse!

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