Babies.. I don’t like em!..5weeks later

I know, I decided to have one and I was oh so excited to meet my son but for fuck sake, what have we let our selves in for? I hold my hands up and say I just don’t like this stage at all… I like a bit of feedback but spitting up and crapping is not my idea of feedback.

I want smiles, cuddles and the little nipper to shout at me, be cheeky or do SOMETHING! I can’t work with this boy right now people! He cries and cries and cries. I cuddle, I sing (maybe that’s why he cries), I stimulate through play, I put him in the sling etc etc. Hell, I even explained the Eastenders story line to him (don’t judge me, its my guilty pleasure), but nope.. the boy is never happy!

He’s a beautiful boy and I wouldn’t change him for the world nor am I wanting to wish his life away,honestly but I just am at a loss of how to settle or keep him happy for more than 15 mins.

The husband and I in our sleep deprived state, were making dinner last night when bubblebutt woke for the umpteenth time due to his startle reflux or as we call it, his jazz hands , when the husband turned to me saying” what were we thinking?” Thank god I have back up! Hahah! We were laughing as we said this, probably in disbelief and mania…

The doc thought he had reflux and colic but after trying him with baby gaviscon which seemed to make him worse, we have concluded that he’s a wee grumper.. The osteopath visits I believe did help him and his tummy though.

We tried something last night though which seemed to settle him.. we put his moses basket in his own room and he really seemed to settle a bit better. I know it’s early to do this bit our flat is tiny, and we have monitors plus I’m continuously checking up on him and possibly getting less sleep than ever!

So that’s the update for this week… We are surviving.. But as we have the Easter holidays upon us, It might be a different story next week 😉


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2 thoughts on “Babies.. I don’t like em!..5weeks later”

  1. The early weeks are such hard work! Reading this really reminded me so much of my first boy. I was at my wits end with him sometimes, with all the crying and fussing. He was a challenge – and I could never work out what was wrong. I bought a DVD in desperation, ‘The Happiest Baby on the Block’. I didn’t follow all the tips but when mine was really going for it, if I swaddled him and repeatedly ssshh’d in his ear (softly), that did seem to calm him. Was worth buying the DVD just for that tip! Hope things get better soon.

  2. Let him sleep on his tummy, it’ll put pressure on his sensitive digestive system. And if that fails, just wear him in a sling all the time.
    – From one non-baby person and grumpy baby mother to another 🙂

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