Anxiety, it’s high

See when you have or are prone to anxiety and you forget to renew your prescription and all of a sudden your behaviour changes. That.

I honestly forgot to take them, exercise and life was and still is apart from a few glitches,good but then it just crashes and every little thing/noise bothers and irritates the fuck out of you because your senses are heightened? That.

When you start sweating profusely, your back and all other muscles tighten in your body causing constant muscle ache and physical and mental exhaustion. That.

When you take far too much on in life, and can’t say no to anything or anyone for fear of letting them down.That.

When you go to see your doctor about how you are feeling, ask for blood tests and are told to make an appointment with the nurse, only to finally do that, arrange childcare and when you show up, are then told by the nurse”I don’t see a request on your notes, I can’t take blood unless GP gives consent and well, she wouldn’t forget cause she is a GP”. You ask the nurse to ask the doctor who says that they didn’t feel it was necessary for them to be taken and deny all knowledge of the conversation. That.

You don’t want to make a complaint for fear of having “anxious/mental health etc” in your notes as you’ve viewed them once before after speaking to a doc and not agreeing with him on one occasion only to see the shitty comments that they have made. That.

When you’re visibly upset and your prescription isn’t ready, and the receptionist is looking at you like you’re bat shit crazy, and you’d really like to go all nuts in her face an ask why she feels it necessary to pass judgement on you… That.

When you want to just get on in life without medication (it’s the lowest dose) but still feel part of the stigma, and believe me there is a stigma cause i work in the NHS and have witnessed it by so calked professionals.That.

BUT, despite feeling like this, you know you have fight in you and are proactive, have friends around you, as well as in the virtual world … You know that you’ll come out just fine 🙂 .

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