5 Ways For New Parents To Get Rest

Being a new parent is an incredible experience full of more rewards and joy than most people can possibly imagine before it happens to them. However, there are of course plenty of negative factors as well! Chief among these is the unavoidable lack of sleep that new parents experience. Unfortunately, exhaustion is the price new parents pay for all that joy, and while it’s a price people will gladly pay, it remains extremely stressful and generally unpleasant.

To some extent, there’s no way around the exhaustion. As a parent to a newborn, you just won’t get the sleep you’re used to. But, it’s still important to try to maximize the sleep you can get, to stay as well-rested as possible. So, here are 5 tips for new parents hoping to get a bit more (or better) rest!

1. Nap With The Baby
Many new parents make a crucial mistake, and take baby naps as excuses to get things done. Of course, if you have a particularly pressing need, you may occasionally need to use this time for productivity. Just remember, however, that sleep should be your #2 priority behind caring for your baby. You won’t be the person, or the mother, that you need to be if you’re too exhausted, so take these opportunities to sleep a bit.

2. Let People Help You
It’s normal for new parents to want to do everything, and at least in the early going to rebuff offers for help. However, try to delegate a bit if you have close friends or family offering to help. Particularly if you have friends or family who have cared for newborns before, allow them to help out for an afternoon, evening, etc. so that you can get some rest.

3. Relax While Awake
It’s not all about sleep, though sleep is most important. It’s also important to relax and practice effective stress relief. Even something as simple as parents giving each other quick massages at home, or taking a nice long bath on occasion, can do the trick.

4. Get Comfortable
Another underrated tip is to improve your bedding situation to maximize comfort. If there was ever a time to splurge on a new bed or mattress, this is it! Check out Dreams UK to look at a few options, and try to find a bed that helps you sleep easily and comfortably. New parents are naturally stressed, and that can lead to tossing and turning, even when exhausted. With the right mattress and bedding, however, you can drift right off to sleep.

5. Buy Satellite Cribs
Finally, try to keep cribs in a few different locations – not just the nursery. A crib by your bed, a crib in the living room, etc. give you multiple places to set your baby down and get a bit of rest any time you feel overwhelmed!

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