2018 So Far

As I wrote earlier this year, I’m doing my #18for2018 which I was inspired to do after listening to one of my favourite authors, Gretchen Ruben via her lovely podcast. I thought it would be nice to have a bit of a catch up to tell you all how I’m doing.

On my list I had talked a lot about exercise and how I really wanted to get a grip on it again this year. I have a Garmin and I usually motivate myself by taking part in one of their various weekly competitions. This wk I believe it’s the 40k step challenge which based on my daily goal average , won’t be an issue and this is from this morning as I had been a bit pressed for time between school run , dog walk and volunteering. I’m also all set up for a new challenge which is a pretty big commitment and I’ll tell you all closer to the time, but until now, I’m not divulging!

Another goal was for me to spend some more time with friends, which I managed on this rare weekend off. I had a night out which consisted of an amazing friend paying for me to get my make up done as she knew I was feeling a bit down about my appearance, followed by dinner, drinks and a club. See below for make up and slightly tipsy, obligatory selfie.

The next day I had arrange to meet my best friend for lunch minus he kids. We never really get to do this much at all as our schedules can be so different and she has children younger than me, one of which is still feeding so she can’t be away for too long which I completely understand. We enjoyed an hour of catching up, food at Wagamama in Silverburn and just enjoying some child free time together.

The next goal that I wanted to achieve was trying to slow down enough to read a book, and I’m getting to grips with this but I still find it difficult to stop my mind enough to concentrate. That’s where listening to guided meditation comes into play and I have done two within the last wk, tonight will be my third.

This particular goal makes me feel slightly sad as I have always been a reader from ever since I can remember. From swapping books with fellow classmates, to trying to hide a novel when in class because it was more attractive to find out what the girls of the baby sitters club were doing or how Nancy Drew solved the latest mystery, than it was to concentrate on work. However, I feel that my mind is so “busy”, that I find it so hard to concentrate.. instead I’m speed reading. It’s something I will get back on track with because books are such a fantastic world to help you escape from real life and let’s face it, we all need to do that from time to time.

I prefer real books to kindle versions but I do own a kindle and at times they do come in handy but I don’t think you can ever replace the smell of the pages, holding it in your hands and the feel of a book. A kindle just doesn’t cut it for me and I’ll always love browsing the shelves in WH Smith , Menzies or even the various charity shops.

So that’s it from me for now and I still haven’t completed my entire 18 for my list as of yet. It takes time to really think of things which are attainable but also difficult and to fit it into your life and schedule. These things will come but I want them all to be meaningful and with a positive impact on my life.

Have you achieved any of your goals yet and if so, how did it make you feel?

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