Silent Sunday


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When I’m bored

On weekends when the night draws in, sometimes I literally have nothing to do. There are times when I really look forward to a break, and when I get one, I’m left with nothing to do. Of course there are multiple ways I fill in for the ‘Me time’. I work out, blog, talk with my hubby, occasionally read (dusty books that are lying in my cupboard eagerly waiting for my attention), and also once a while indulge in a game of bingo!

Yes, I too have joined the bandwagon and I’m not ashamed to admit a sneaky game of bingo tempts me. I don’t particularly have any fond memories of bingo halls, so I rather shun them. What I do instead is play bingo online. I remember this one time while surfing the internet I came across a site New Look Bingo. The name did ring a bell and I thought to give a free play. I was drawn to their scintillating offer- ‘£10 no deposit bonus’. Thus, I signed up and got started. That’s how my bingo journey began.

Just to wile away the evening, these days, I enjoy playing online bingo. Never really thought I would win anything substantial. On the contrary, I did. Giving bingo a go is perhaps the best thing I ever did. It adds entertainment to my rather monotonous day. Instead of simply blobbing in front of the idiot box, I actually do something that makes me happy and takes my mind of the everyday niggles. It also allows me to socialise. I have made some good friends ever since online bingo happened to me. If you doubt the social aspects of bingo, the likelihood is you haven’t tried it yet.

A lively banter and a casual gossip really elates me. For me bingo is not about making quick money. It’s just that love the fact I get to meet people without any geographical constrains and share a cheeky natter. It fills up for my evenings when I’ve got absolutely nothing to do. To check out my favourite bingo site click here.

Give online bingo a go. You will definitely love it!

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I’m still here

Sorry for lack of posts, but I’m currently in Canada as my Dad is in ICU and he’s my priority.

Hope everyone is well.

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Silent Sunday


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FlexiGuard baby Gate By Lindam


In July we went to Wales for our holiday and we knew from previous experiences with stairs at places that we visited, that they always lacked in providing safety gates and stair gates. I was delighted when I spoke to the lovely folk over at Lindam and they agreed to send over this lovely item which really helped save our holiday and let me get a bit of rest. I didn’t have to keep running after the boy when this was up and I was even able to go upstairs and read for a while or go for a shower knowing that he wasn’t able to access stairs and fall which is every parents nightmare.

When we were packing, the flexiguard was small, light , and easy to transport and this was important as we were going away for a week with a lot of items for the two kids as well as our own suitcases, which meant that we didn’t have to worry about where it would need to go in the car as it fit right into a very small space within its own little carrier bag.

Now that we are home from holiday and have a new puppy, its being used as a barrier for when we eat dinner to keep her out, or when she is in the garden and I don’t want her running up the stairs. The flexiguard has many different uses in our home and I am really very impressed by how it can fit in almost every door way(there was one it didn’t), and that we didn’t have to use tools in order to fit it. It’s a very versatile gate and only retails at approx £27.99 and with all of the Lindam products we have had in our home , I would say that it is a small price to pay for piece of mind!

*Thank you to Lindam for sending us this gate. This post is a truthful opinion of this product.

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