Who is investing in men’s fashion?

Once dominated by womenswear, the world of men’s fashion is now an almost level playing field; men’s fashion, it seems, is experiencing something of a renaissance and finally enjoying the heady heights of success seen in women’s styling. However, this rise isn’t without its hiccups; many of the major labels have had to seek out investors in order to keep their high street stores open, while advertising has become more competitive than ever before. Just how do men’s fashion labels survive these days? 

The rise of men’s fashion investors


The world of men’s fashion is a highly competitive one. It is no longer enough to have the best designs or to have a larger, more unique, part of the market cornered; now designers and fashion houses are expected to understand their competition inside out, to be able to advertise themselves, and to have the business acumen to carry through every idea, as well as being able to fund their plans – no wonder more and more labels are turning to investors for their money, support and guidance in order to succeed and, in some cases, to simply survive. Luckily, for small and large design houses alike, more investors than ever before are turning to the fashion market.


Succeeding in men’s fashion


Investing in fashion can be hugely rewarding, even for those who may have previously held no interest in the heady world of men’s fashion. It would seem that the potential earnings, and prestige, brought about by making an investment in the emerging world of men’s fashion is too tempting for some, and this injection of funds is sending the markets soaring; some are even referring to this period as a “menaissance” as companies flourish, designs rage, and shares shoot through the roof. This investment is bringing about a win-win situation for those working in men’s fashion as they are then provided with the business knowhow and funds to expand, work on new ideas, and advertise themselves on a whole new stage; as business tactics go, accepting the help of an investor has to be one of the smartest.


One such investor in men’s fashion is M1 Group, a Middle Eastern investment holdings firm founded by Azmi Mikati and his family. Having previously invested in air travel, telecommunications, real estate and fuel, the Mikati family chose to invest in fashion brands All Saints and Façonnable – many are heralding the group’s investments for securing the companies’ future, while those following the Mikatis’ example will surely open the fashion industry to a wider financial market and cause a positive snowballing effect. It certainly does pay to invest, and to accept investments, from outside of your comfort zone sometimes as it creates incredible opportunities and further chances for marketing yourself more widely.


Investing in men’s fashion can be incredibly lucrative for those who choose to place their money within the industry. Using your combined business acumen, the expertise of both design house and investor, and a lot of hard graft, yours is certain to be a match made in fashion and investors’ heaven.

Pontins  Southport: Health Hazard

My friends experience today…

Booked in here today and it’s absolutely disgusting. 

1. Floor filthy and full of crumbs, dirt and mess on our arrival.

2. Toilet full of faeces and stains. 

3. Shower with pubic hair

4. Pungent smell in room, found to be coming from mouldy fridge. 

5. Windows steamed up and unable to open initially.

6. Dirty underwear under bed.

7. Used condom in cupboard.

8. Swimming pool filthy and smelly 

9. Changing rooms in swimming littered with dirt, used toilet paper & sanitary items.

10. Outside area littered with rubbish, food & general mess.

11. Sofa bed in room disgusting,stained & smelly.

12. Sofa bed collapsed when my daughter sat on it. She sustained a significant head injury when she bumped it on the wall. 
I went to reception twice to complain about the dirty room & the pungent smell from the fridge and both matters were dealt with appropriately.

However, while waiting in the staff arriving, I spent 30 minutes cleaning it and £8 in cleaning materials. 

The collapsed bed was “repaired” immediately, however i waited 30 minutes in the room for a manager who failed to turn up. After seeking him out in reception, he didn’t even have the decency to apologise for not turning up to discuss my issues & was frankly unhelpful, advising that he could not refund me or move our room. He actually seemed to find the whip situation amusing. 

I expect a full refund and monetary compensation for this awful experience.  

Due to concerns for my health of my family I cannot stay here here any longer as i fear my health and the health of my family. 

Incidentally, my daughter has an auto immune disorder which makes her susceptible to infection and this makes this situation even more horrific. 

I look forward to your immediate reply.

Sainsburys Homophobic ?

I shop in Sainsburys, frequently tweet with them, bring my kids into their supermarket – we even purchased my daughters teachers end of year gift.

Today, I was browsing through Facebook and I saw this picture and headline. With so much homophobia and racism in the world, was I shocked? No , not really but more disappointed and sad that such a trustworthy and family orientated “brand”, woul make a decision such as this.

Why do you think that it’s ok to showcase magazines with headlines that stereotype women and men and our gender roles but try to “cover up”, and insinuate or shame, the gay /transgender etc, community? Do you not know that you are adding to and making it an issue by doing this and not letting people live their lives and be who they are?

Who are you to decide what is acceptable and what is not? You sold the Sun Newspaper which had a naked woman in it for the world to see. It showed women as sexual objects and you helped to contribute to an existing and continuous problem which is commercial sexual exploitation. Yet you think it’s you’re right to make a decision not to show a natural, normal, magazine because you think it may offend? 

I think I’ll be shopping elsewhere and I’d like to say how proud I am that places such as WH Smith, have displayed these magazines as they should be and without question. 

I think we should go into our local stores and see if all have covered up Attitude magazine,take pictures and boycott! 

Sleep Undisturbed By Bed Bugs

Whilst we like to imagine that our boudoirs are clean, managed places where the only rustlings are those beneath the sheets, in many homes there are often other creature tossing and turning in the night; Cimex lectularius, more commonly known as the humble bedbug. Bedbugs sound harmless enough, but in reality these vampiric malcontents can rage havoc with one’s body, health and wellbeing, and can make your most cherished room a living hell!


Why? Well, bedbugs reside within the cracks, springs, crevices and materials that make up your bed and bedroom. They look like small, flat, 5mm-long pulses, coloured somewhere along the spectrum between orange and brown, and may often be seen scuttling around your bedframe and mattress.


This is due to them searching out our blood which they feed on in a manner highly reminiscent of mosquitos. After gorging themselves on human chowder, females then may lay up to 300 eggs over their lifetime, leaving discarded shells, carapaces and excrement on your sheets and inside your bedding. Strangely enough, these insects aren’t attracted to dirt, but to people – heat and carbon dioxide, to be precise – so if you’re experiencing an infestation, don’t take it to heart!


So how do you get rid of bedbugs? Well, if you have found them in your mattress, you may feel the urge to completely do away with the bedding, instead ordering a cheap, but fine, Breasley mattress from Bedstar or some other online site; these foam mattresses have been proven to be less averse to bedbug infestation that regular spring mattresses, and can be easily cleaned.


More importantly though, you need to get rid of the infestation using a professional pest controller, or, if you have a landlord, then they may be able to take care of it for you. If you want to do the task yourself, then you’ll need an infestation action plan that you yourself can enact. Such plans are available from here, however bear in mind that this way of doing things can be a rather long, expensive process, especially if the area of infestation is rather large, covering a number of rooms in your home. You can indeed use chemicals to rid your house of them, however with bedbugs there are a number of ways you can destroy both the individuals and eggs. Heat treatments, such as putting bedding and pillows in 90 degree-plus tumble dryers or using black plastic bags full of your items, popped in the sun for a day or two and cold treatments, if you are able to cool things to below freezing in your home or outside.


Whilst doing the task on your own is possible, professional pest controllers will get the job done for you; head to the British Pest Control Association website to find your local controller now, and rid yourself of the rather itchy issue that is the bedbug infestation!

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