The Commonwealth Games Are Here!

I remember driving along the clydeside expressway, after learning of the news that the Commonwealth Games would be coming to Glasgow in 2014. My husband said to me “Thundperpants will nearly be 7, can you believe it”? At this point, she was in the back of the car in her babyseat and was probably only a few months at the time. Life has changed so much and we also have another baby which is something that we wouldn’t have even thought of at the time!

Last night saw the opening ceremonies in Glasgow at Celtic Park. We watched it together and saw the Red Arrows fly over the house which was a very proud moment for us all. I think that they did us proud and really did show a true representation of all things Scotland. The thing is though, I’m in a bit of a pickle about who to support… I have spent more of my life here now but by birth I am Canadian. I left when I was 15, parents , some family and a lot of friends are still there and I still do call it “home”. My daughter asked me last night who I was rooting for and I told her it would be both but I’m sure there will come a time when both teams will be neck and neck and I probably won’t be able to watch.

I watch the news, hear the chat at work and see first hand, the atmosphere that has been created in Glasgow and my heart soars. I may not be born and bread but it’s the place that Is home for me now. Its amazing how friendly and accepting that the people of Glasgow are towards not only their own but people of different nationality. I experienced that when I first arrived here and I still do when people hear the twang in my accent. Its a very accepting city and I am sure that the people who have arrived as visitors and athletes, will come to learn that about Glasgow and Scottish people as a whole. I always said that if I moved home I would want to take the Scottish people with me!

So next week, my daughter, son , friends and I will go into the city centre to enjoy the events which are happening, and to enjoy the weather that we have been having. I hope to go to Glasgow Green, but one event that I really want to go to with some friends is the John Lewis “Tea on the Green”, in Royal Exchange Square. I want to sample some of their lovely food that is on offer. Being a frequent visitor to John Lewis in Glasgow, I know that I won’t be disappointed!

Have you been to Tea on the Green or any of the activities which are on offer? What did you think about the Opening Ceremonie

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Wee Ride&Asda Direct;A Review

Yesterday and today you may have seen one of the cutest kids riding about town in their nifty new little bike seat, waving at everyone and being as cool as a cucumber, and you would be right that he was also one of the happiest of kids and this would be down to our order in the Asda Direct Sale.

Last summer before we went to Lego Land, the husband and I had our bikes stolen the night before leaving. Whoever got them really didn’t get a deal or much in the way of a deal because my chain needed replacing and the Husband’s had a flat tire. It was the principle though, the fact that someone came into our garden and thought that our property was a free for all.

So this summer, we replaced them and as we now have a child who is old enough to go into the bike seat, we were on the lookout for one but with a difference. When Thunderpants was still riding on my bike in her bike seat, I wasn’t able to keep an eye on her at all times which resulted in losing things like socks, dummies, teddy bears or anything else that she was holding on to. That’s why this time, I wanted to get a seat which fit on the front which enables me to keep an eye on Thunderbutt. The lovely folks over at Asda Direct, sent me this seat called the “Wee Ride” and I am very impressed by how easy it was to fit and use. If he falls asleep, there is a plate like thing that allows him to rest comfortable and safely while I cycle. I also like that we can chatter to one another on our cycles and I can teach him new things by pointing them out. Another added bonus though is that when large lorries or loud motorcycles go by, I can comfort him easier as the noise scares him a little bit.

Since getting the “Wee Ride”, we have been able to broaden our family exercise outings, and as the Commonwealth Games are in Glasgow, instead of having to try to make our way around the city by public transport or car, we can nip in and out with our bikes and access areas which are otherwise closed to cars.



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Snow Factor



Yesterday was all about some girl time with my daughter as we haven’t had much of it to spend with one another due to working most weekends and having a 17 month old who takes up a lot of our time. So I was delighted when I was asked to come along to Snow Factor, in Glasgow for a 30 min session of sledging.

We headed to Breahead 20 mins before our session to get fitted with some suitable clothing, and our safety helmets,  and we were then ready to brave the cold temperatures that were about to meet us. I welcomed the cold temp as it was still so very mild outside and although it felt so wrong to put on a jumper, and get our winter boots on, it was needed! We saw some people who were in jeans and I was thinking to myself that they would be in for a bit of a shock!

When our session was called, we were met by a lovely staff member who told us to pick up a sledge and he took us in to where the hill was, and explained the safety rules. We were then were told to have a great time and let loose, which we certainly did!


My daughter had probably one of the best mornings there, she loved the snow and got a workout when we walked back up the hill after going down. I think that the 30 min sessions are perfect because its enough time to have fun but not tire of it, and it holds the kids attention well. There were many happy people in the session that we attended and that was both adults and children, myself included in that.


The other facilities that we saw within Snow Factor was the snow boarding, skiing, ice wall and snow tubing down the ice track. I will be booking Thunderpants into some skiing lessons in preparation for the winter because at her age, I was a whiz on the slopes and I want to take her away in the winter for some skiing in Aviemore as a Christmas present. I used to have lots of fun when I was younger and I hope that she gets as much enjoyment from it as I did as it’s a fantastic sport and also very character building.

I would thoroughly recommend visiting Snow Factor, either as a fun activity to do with the kids , something for yourself or if like me you want to get the kids involved in snow boarding or skiing because its one of the best facilities that I have had the pleasure of attending.  Give them a follow on @Snow_Factor on twitter or on their Facebook page and look out for their fantastic events that they have coming up!


*Thank you to the staff at Snow Factor for allowing my daughter and I to share such a fun experience together.




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Bloggers at War?

As we all have seen today on twitter, there was an adverse reaction when someone wasn’t picked to be an ambassador for a certain family orientated company. I’m sure work was put in and there are claims that they were pre picked (doesn’t really make it a competition in my eyes), and if that was the case, I’m sure that email evidence can back it up.

Now, I don’t generally get involved in these things and to be honest, its the very first time that I have come across anything like it. However, I felt that I needed to because the person in question slagged off a lot of bloggers because they didn’t have as many followers as she did on twitter as well as other very rude accusations. I might be committing a major faux paus by writing this but I blog for me and my family, to create memories and to get opportunities to review and interact with people.

I think that blogging has taken on a whole new thing for some folk and its like all social media in that you need to set boundaries for yourself and be mindful of the effect that it can have on your mental health. I don’t know the blogger in question and I don’t want to pass judgement, but that person really is being incredibly rude to folk and I think the right thing to do would be to delete her tweets and cool off.

I’m sure she’s probably a really nice person in real life, we can all come across differently on social media and how we communicate due to not being able to see facial expression, hear tone of voice means that we don’t always  see the situation for what it is. Its sad to see someone who has obviously worked so hard on their blog, lose it over one thing, but it could have been dealt with in a better way between her and the company in question.

Name calling and accusations really is not the way to go, using colourful language and putting your reputation into question also isn’t good but I guess its “each to their own”… I just don’t think I want to get caught up in it all.


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Sykes Cottages Competition

Sykes Cottages is holding a fantasic competition for bloggers, to win £350 worth of vouchers, to spend on one of their fabulous properties within Scotland in return for why we think that Scotalnd is the setting for Romance!

As someone who wasn’t born in Scotland but lnow calls it home, I am still in awe of some of the places and scenery that we have literally on our door step. I like to travel Scotland, especially the North but I have also experienced a lot of other places within this beautiful Country. We have been as far as Stornoway in the Western Isles,to Berwick near the border. We have also stayed at many places within Glasgow but I think one of the most romantic breaks that we have had was in Achiltubuie.

It was one of our first trips away as a couple pre children.. aww those were the days when you could drop everything, pack up the car and GO! The Husband (but boyfriend at the time), had just passed his driving test and we took the “blue beast” on a road trip to see my sister as she was working up in the restaurant there and asked us to come for the weekend.

The drive up North is stunning whether it be rain , snow,sleet or sunshine because of the backdrop of the hills and the winding roads and to have the Cairngorms, the Glens and the Lochs as your focal point really is a treat! I have to say that we weren’t disappointed on our journey. The beach which was near to where we were staying, was set in a valley and the water was aqua. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that you were in another country!

As we got to our acommodation, there was a fire lit with the smell of peat burning welcoming us as we opened the door into the small cottage. We also had a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge, and by that time it had started raining which meant mist over the hills that made it a perfect setting and back drop after a 5hr drive from Glasgow. What more could you want? Warmth, beautiful setting and wine!

Relaxing in those surroundings, having time to spend without distraction and noises of the city was just what we needed that weekend. We did a few walks when the rain went off and had a few walks across the beach in the morning andalso at night. Nothing like snuggling up and sitting on the sand in the evening with a cup of coffee and listening to the waves lapping on the shore.. complete bliss.

If that isn’t romantic, I don’t know what is! So now I nominate @1makes4, @Mummy’sknee and

Why not have a look see at the website and enter? All you need to do is nominate 3 bloggers, and describe why you think Scotland is a romantic destination! Here is the link and good luck!

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