Enjoy Practicality and Comfort in Your Home


For most people, buying a home is one of the biggest investments they will ever make. It is therefore little wonder that we want to make our homes as comfortable, appealing and practical as possible so that we can make the most of the time we spend there. While there are many different things that can contribute to both the comfort levels and practicality you get to benefit from in your home, heating plays a huge part in achieving the perfect balance.

As many households already know, keeping the home warm isn’t always easy. This is not just as a result of the type of heating you may have but also as a result of the cost of running your heating system. As shown by the Committee on Climate Change the cost of energy usage has rocketed over recent years, and this has made it more and more difficult for us to warm our homes without blowing the household budget. With this in mind, it is important to ensure you look at heating solutions that are both effective and affordable if you want to benefit from practicality and comfort.

Another aspect you need to consider when it comes to heating your home is how difficult the heating system will be to maintain. When you opt for a smart heating solution such as electric radiators like those detailed on the VeriSmart Heating site you can look forward to economical, low maintenance heating that helps to enhance the level of comfort in the home as well as providing an extremely practical heating solution.

Other Solutions to ensure you are warm and comfortable at home

In addition to making sure you have an easy to maintain, affordable and effective heating system in your home, there are other ways in which you can enjoy the comfort of staying warm and cosy, particularly during the colder weather.

Double glazing provides a great way to retain warmth and reduce your energy bills, making it a practical solution that will enhance comfort levels. If you cannot quite stretch to having your windows replaced with double glazed ones it is worth considering secondary glazing from companies such as Everest, as this will also help to reduce loss of heat.

Using a seal around window and door frames is a solution that is very simple yet can be very effective. We lose a lot of heat from inside the home as a result of minute cracks and gaps in door and window frames. You should therefore make sure that these are properly sealed, as this can make a noticeable difference.

A surprising number of homes are not properly insulated, and this is something else that can impact on cost, practicality and comfort. Assess your needs when it comes to insulation, such as loft or cavity wall insulation – you can even look into getting a grant to have the work carried out, as you may find that you are eligible for financial assistance.

Putting all of these things into place will help to ensure you get to enjoy the comfort of a warm, cosy yet practical home.




National Geographic:Kids Edition

Reading,books and Magazines..three of our favourite things to do with the kids at home during the day or at night before they go to bed. We all have our own genre.. My husband loves anything to do with cars , engineering,guitars and I’m all about the magazines about exercise. For the kids,they like anything that has lot of stories, color and crafts which I encourage because it helps them to be creative,and to learn which is why I was delighted to become a magazine.co.uk blogger . I was asked to choose 3 publications and I think I managed to get something to suit all of our tastes. It was hard to choose as they have a section for everything and I am a sucker for a good read.It’s part of my own “me”time.

I decided that the first one, I would get something completely differen’t for the kids because the almost 3year old is really taking things in and already understanding facts. My 8 yr old is at the age where a magazine like this with such a fanatsic reputation, will help her with learning in school as well as finding out about things going on in the world which might not be covered in class. I’d rather she was reading this instead of watching TV and she can digest the info at her own pace and she loves curling up on her bed or beanbag chair to read on her own or with her brother. She hasreceived two of these magazines and she loves looking through the mail at the end of the day to see if another has arrived!

photo 1

I’d say that both of us are actually learning about new things together,and there are places mentioned in the magazines which I have ever even considered learning about. There are also exciting competitions which we have entered such as the Jessops photography one and will wait in anticipation to see if we are shortlisted. The magazine puts things into perspective in that it has certainly made my daughter really think about how differen’t her life is to other children in the world. She feels very lucky to live where we do ad realises that there are some kids who don’t even have access to an education, She actually found that quite difficult ad I can see her as a budding activist already!

She also loves the various articles on how to make things and loast month she made frozen yoghurt melts which went down a treat. As a parent it can be difficult to get kids away from sweets due to outside influences at school and on TV but with things like this and by getting involved,its easier to educate and for them to understand why healthier options make sense.

I think that National Geographic Kids,will be a magazine that the kid will grow up reading.. oh,and me too!



James Bond Giveaway!


It’s nearly time for one of our favourite film series to release a new installment! “Spectre” will see Daniel Craig return in October, as 007 – personally my fav actor so far to have taken on the role in the history of James Bond apart from Sean Connery of course! What better way to celebrate the release than with a competition! Discount Supplements are offering you the chance to win a fabulous ‘Bond Kit’.


The kit consists of everything an adventurous and sophisticated Bond wannabe would need including:

Pitrok CRYSTAL deodorant for men – the 100% natural deodorant with Aloe Vera and Grapefruit Seed Extract with a masculine fragrance.

Health Aid Interfresh Capsules – these capsules freshen breathe after any meal and aid digestion.

Green People Organic Scrub- with shea butter, bamboo and grapefruit this organic scrub will attract the ladies.

 We have three kits to giveaway! All you need to do is click on this link a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prize supplied by Discount Supplements,specialists suppliers of protein powder.

The Camp; My Results

I’m sorry that I haven’t had a chance to post these results before now but Ive been busy with work , family and the gym! I talked about how attending the camp made me change even more about my life and approach to health and fitness, its still continuing and I haven’t had a break apart from when I needed to after contracting a virus. Apart from that, I go to my classes which involve metafit, bodypump (my fav), and I am training for a halth marathon! Can I do it? Yes ofcourse I can. Anyone can,though took for me to attend the camp and to work hard and push myself , to finally realise it.

Side tracked, to the results…. On our last day of camp and after walking up the Merrick we went back to get ready for the final meal that we would share together. It was in one of the most beautiful rooms and we were very excited because we had gotten through the week, and that the next day our results would show just how much we accomplished. I was absolutely shattered and did go to bed earlier but I wish I had stayed up a bit longer… I don’t like “good byes” though and I tend to shy away, so off I went to bed in anticipation of what my results were going to be the following day.

We all woke and headed to the main house at approx 06:00am, weigh in was 06:30 and the order was those who were flying / taking trains, would go first as taxi’s had been ordered. Hearing what some of the others had already lost was so amazing, and I was very pleased to see each of them come through with their faces lit up.  When it was my time, I felt like I couldn’t look.. I thought i’d possibly lost 3/4lbs at most… I lost 7.5lbs!!! I lost 3 inches from my waist and 2.5 from my thighs. I nearly cried! I had convinced myself that I wasn’t going to lose because I hadn’t been able to for quite some time.photo

However,as you can see…the results speak for themselves and I couldn’t be more happier with what I achieved. I worked real hard to lose the amount that I did but I had so much help and encouragement from the team and the other ladies on the course and I am still in regular contact with them. Two of the women have returned to the camp and I know that 3 others have booked up for further camps. This is more than just fitness that keeps folk coming back,obviously its the main aim but its knowing that you will be well looked after,and your individual goals are met with enthusiasm and care. They make you believe in yourself because they believe in you,there’s no judgement and I can assure you that it does change your life.


Calais Trip

I don’t know a lot about politics, never had and dropped out of uni as it was one of the courses that was part of a degree that I knew I would never pass. I vote, and I try to educate myself about local politics despute being able to vote in Canada, UK, and France.

However, with what I am proposing to do, I don’t need to know all of the ins and outs as they may come at a later date. I just need to know how to get to Calais and what to bring for these people who need our help. The only thing that is getting me there and hopefully with some lovely friends, is compassion. The want to help , the need to help because no one should have to go through what these people are currently experiencing right now. We are all human, we have emotion and we should all have acess to food, water,shelter and love.

So what I propose to do is to gather up what I can whether it be money or items of clothing and things that can be used for shelter and take it down. I know that Calaid is asking people not to come right now. My though is to go next month because I can plan, gather and look into how to implement the plan of action. I wasn’t completely comfortable with handling money but if i do it via “just Giving”, it means that it all goes through the proper channels and I dont need to have anything to do with it physically.

I will be asking for items for donating and if you wish to contact me, please do so by email or text. My telephone number is 07834485868 and email address is angelinebrunel@hotmail.com

Please feel free to share, come along or donate.

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