Student Days Are Here Again!

At the ripe old age of 37, I will become a student again! I interviewed earlier this week despite having the flu and I must have done something right because they have given me an unconditional offer! 

The course is a diploma – level 3 in Complimentary Therapies.  I was accepted onto this course 2 yrs ago but I had to withdraw as I became pregnant and had hyperemesis and I wasn’t able to leave the house apart for midwife appointments and the odd school run.

I am very excited to be learning again, I think it will go hand in hand with my counselling qualification and my future study of mental health nursing. My plan is also to hopefully work with women who are experiencing prenatal depression, post natal depression and to see if I can return to the rape crisis centre where I’ve volunteered , to work with women who have experienced rape / sexual assault.

It looks like it’s going to be a pretty busy year come this August but it’s worth it to do something that can help people in so many ways. There’s also scope to go on to different courses thereafter such as stress management, baby massage etc.

The other really great things about this course will be the positive impact it will have on us in relation to healthy eating and relaxation! We could all do with a bit of that!

I look forward to writing about my experiences of beoming a student again!

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Parenting and Life

Not long woken and have to say, our child free night was a success. We had grand plans of huge clear outs, organising and ticking off boxes on the “to do” list. We did one or two things and the rest of the night was spent relaxing, eating lovely food, and enjoying each others company. So next time you come to the house, yes it’s going to be clean but show home it is not. For we are two parents of small children, a puppy and now deceased hamster.. Our home is filled with chaos , toys , failed Pinterest projects and LOVE. You’ll get us and our shambolic, messy and shouty house each time you come, that is one “routine” which will never change.

We do things like painting chalkboards on to walls,posting signs of luck to our kids before an event which will impact and shape them, creating book nooks for the kids and letting them strip off the cushions to make forts in the house. We also try to grow things in the back garden, plant flowers too but it very rarely works out. We celebrate our differences and actually TRY to wear odd socks, sometimes the daughters uniform has stains on it (but it’s clean), or she goes to school without brushing her hair(call the police!)I’m certainly no earth mother and live on my nerves but I really try so hard to create fun for us because life is so very short and precious. We have overcome obstacles such as PND, death and a future unknown for a family business but we are still here. No one can predict what happens next for us and I’d rather now just live life as it comes with its constant twists and turns.. Life for us can change from day to day and this is certainly reflected in twitter and facebook updats (much to some peoples annoyance) , but it is what it is and we are are who we are.


My husband hates that I’m impulsive and I can’t stand that he’s so laid back but it “works”. We argue, and in public too but I don’t see that as a bad thing and we always seem to make up again. I think we are really just winging this whole “parenting/marriage thing and so far so good despite blips every so often but that’s what happens in real life. Like I said, we aren’t perfect. I think “perfect” would be far more exhausting and I’m certainly tired enough as it is. So here it is and here we are.. My family. Us.



I’m just a mother, we are just a family but we are just good enough.

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The Tea Bay, Cambuslang

IMG_3573.PNGThrough the grapevine I’d heard that there was a new (and much needed) cafe/tea room opening up in Cambuslang so myself and
a friend arranged to meet there last Thursday.

I was pleasantly surprised by this little gem that we’d happened upon and was so thankful that this town had someplace to go to which wasn’t a greasy spoon or where instant coffee was the only of it’s kind of on offer.

I was greeted by the lovely staff and welcomed in with my toddler whilst waiting for my friend. I pretty much fell in love with it right away due to it’s shabby chic interior and the cosy atmosphere and knew that I’d be back sans les enfants and only a book to accompany me.

When my friend arrived, I’d ordered a green tea and a scone and my friend went for a cold beverage and got given a chocolate brownie which was melt -in – your – mouth. All of which only cost us £4, which I’d say was a bargain!


It’s refreshing to have such a place and despite not having great parking facilities, I’m glad that it’s on the other end of the street which is less busy.

I really encourage people to pop by and have a chat with the ladies, a coffee , tea or whatever takes your fancy because you won’t be disappointed.



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Monthly Meal Plan

Due to our upcoming trip this summer to Canada and wanting to pay more money towards our mortgage, I am doing more over time at work and tightening our belts when it comes to spending. I’ve always liked a good bargain and I have always been someone who loves to cook, especially for the family and I have been following a few websites such as “Feed your Family for around £20“,  which is absolutely ace, whilst coming up with even more ways to save money when it comes to our food. I have also seen us throw out less and less and that also means spending less on fresh fruit and veg, instead using it for sauces etc. If you look at the pic below, you can see the counter full of food that was purchased, and a bit of the shopping list I used.


Today was pay day and I decided to do an overhaul of everything and that’s when I came up with a whole months worth of healthy meal planning which you can see below. I went to the shop and spent £64.00 and it is going to do us for the whole month food wise because I simply sat down and worked it out. It’s not difficult and took me a little over 20 mins, shopping took about 20 mins too and batch cooking for some meals took about an hour.

I don’t know why people don’t do more of this, especially those who have to live on smaller budgets because it really is much healthier and less expensive. I know that time is a factor but after the kids go to bed you can plan your menu and then pop off to the shops the following day or night. Also, cooking can be done at night or when the kids are at school/napping and its really that easy.

I used our local Aldi store and didn’t have to venture to the usual supermarkets to purchase items, but was able to get all that I needed because I am quite familiar with what they stock and based our ideas around that. I haven’t had to pick up  anything at all this month and as we are into week 3 of my personal challenge, with plenty of meals still to be made. I realise that I was spending far too much before and now  £15 can feed us for a week without going hungry where as before I would go into the supermarket and spend that on one meal alone.

Here is what we got and some of the meals that I prepared, saving us over £200 this month alone.



Although it may seem like its easier and cheap to use jars for sauces, I really do shy away now from buying them and now make things such as naan bread as you can see above and pasta sauces. its a great way to use up and not waste. If you feel that your fruit could go to waste, put it in the freezer or make a loaf of banana bread. Veg makes great soup and sauces but can be used in loads of different soups and you can freeze things too.


I also buy less breast meat and more thighs when it comes to chicken and I bought two packs with 6 chicken thighs in each which meant cooking them all at once, cooling and then freezing. They were handy for curries as well as fajitas , soups and risotto.


So what do you think, could you meal plan and save more each month? Or do you do this already and get it even cheaper? I’d love to know your recipes.


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How mums can earn at home with online bingo

For those mums who choose to stay at home and look after their children, making ends meet can be a tricky business. Whilst they have all the pleasure of being with their children 24/7, watching them grow and having a hands-on approach to their development, such women may be missing out on earning a reasonable living or even just having a little bit of money to spend on luxury items.

Bingo websites

How can a busy mum with small children to care for win herself a bit of extra cash? The answer is with online bingo. There are a wide variety of online bingo websites to choose from, all of them offering different jackpots, and these jackpots can be very impressive. To take just one example, the online bingo website 32redbingo offers both modest and large bingo bonuses, such as the Monthly Megapot with its £1,500 jackpot, and the larger Big 10K. 32redbingo also offers a new player a free initial stake, such as giving them £10 to get them started, so a player need not risk their own money the first time they play.

Why bingo?

Bingo used to have a certain image of large, barn-like halls populated with elderly players, but those days are long gone. Bingo has had a makeover and now appeals to women and men of all ages, offering a simple and fun game that may lead to a winning jackpot. Online bingo is a particularly suitable game for mums to play. Being online, a mum can play at a time to suit her, be that in the middle of the morning when the older children are at school, or when the baby is taking a nap, or late at night when the household has gone to sleep and she is enjoying the only bit of “me-time” she has.

Although exciting and engaging, bingo does not have the high-pressure stakes of other games, such as poker, you can play a game of bingo to wind down at the end of a long day. Online bingo also has the advantage of being able to be played in the comfort of the home, which is a huge plus, especially in the winter months when venturing out to a large hall seems less than inviting.

A game of chance

Like any gambling, playing online bingo is a game of chance, and a player is not going to win every time. However, bingo has a great advantage over other games in that it requires absolutely no skill to play, and therefore the odds of winning go up. Even a mum who has never played before has a chance of winning because she does not have to learn any tricks or strategies.

Bingo is a game that has been around for decades – proof of its popularity – and online bingo is making it easier than ever for stressed mums to play a fun game without any pressure and enjoy the possibility of winning a little, or a lot, of money while they do it.

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