“With his wife’s disappearance having become the focus of an intense media circus, a man sees the spotlight turned on him when it’s suspected that he may not be innocent”

A great movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat, with fantastic characters and filled with twists and turns to keep your attention all the way through!


Enter the competition by following the link below.

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Building With B&Q

Last year around August time, I sealed a deal with B&Q for a family project that I wanted to complete by the end of the summer with the family which brought us together and out of the house and  away from the TV and the electronic devices , which you can read more about our plans here.

Due to unforeseen circumstances and the weather, we were unable to do this and I am quite a bit behind on the plans,  but fear not because we recommenced building yesterday and we are well on our way to creating THE BEST ever fort and hideaway for the kids (and maybe husband and I, until we get the summer house) which will hopefully be completed in the next few weeks and of course, just in time for spring/summer.

As part of post 1 in the series, myself and the husband started assembling the frame which you can see below, it took us approx 1 hr and we have decided to put them side by side in order to create more space for the kids and their friends, and position it between 2 trees as the original plan was for a tree house but it wasn’t going to work out with the tree that we have unfortunately. We need to level some of the ground to do this, but with all of us working on it, we should be able to manage it pretty quickly.



As the rain hampered our efforts yesterday, we did need to stop after the rain had started falling but my plan this week is to continue with putting up the sides of the fort and levelling the ground a bit more. We have quite a lot of rubbish in the back because of the recent storms but I plan to hire a skip or just take it to the dump myself.


Decoration wise- its all about the bunting, bright colors and the kids choosing what they want it all to look like. Once built, we are calling a “planning” meeting for the eldest- the baby is only 2 and well… its kinda difficult to ask him what he wants as he says “yes” to mostly anything right now… some requests so far have been tire swing and hammock and we will try to accommodate, but for now, these are the plans!

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Meal Planning

As most of you can see on this site, I absolutely love to budget and meal plan as well as eat healthy and I am concentrating on following that well into the future in my quest to save money and drop the baby weight. This is a quick post which I will show you what kinds of food we eat on a regular basis and how cheap it can be by just following simple rules which are cooking from scratch , planning for the week or month ahead and doing a monthly shop for staples such as flour, lentils,pasta,rice and spices.

We also like to purchase frozen veg, do a lot of one pot meals for quickness as I also work , and try out new recipes full of vegetables because you don’t have to eat meat every night in order to have a healthy diet. I don’t often buy pre packaged sauces or anything like that after finding recipes on line for things such as how to make wraps , the seasoning for fajitas, buying basil plants to make pesto with which is so easy and very tasty. When you look at the preservatives that are included to make these things last longer yet can make a lot of the stuff at home with only a few things, its quite satisfying knowing that you aren’t putting that stuff into your body. However, I’m not one of those people who says absolutely no, if you have to use them (and we do), you shouldn’t feel guilty. I just enjoy trying to make them when I have the time.

The other piece of advice I would give is to go shopping later in the evening when things are put into the reduced section. You can get a load of vegetables to make pasta sauces or meat to cook and freeze with finding the safe way on line for use by dates etc and you can also freeze fruit, veg and bread which reduced the amount of trips to the grocery store and unnecessary spending. Also, using shops such as Aldi and Lidly have reduced our spend in a huge way and I can generally feed us all for approx £20 a week. Some of the meals are so large that we use them for left overs or for the next nights meal. An example of that would be making pastry and using the left over veg from the night before to make home made pasties- a recipe I found on the Jamie Oliver site.  Have a look at some of the meals we eat below and if you want recipes please let me know!imageimage





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Competition Time With The Broons!

How would you like to win an amazing prize that you can share with your kids and just in time for Burns Night?

imageWe have a fabulous “Knit your own Broons” and a “Bake with Maw Broon” on this weeks competition give away!  Make a Paw, Ma or bake delicious chocolate brownies or some Selkirk bannock with their easy to follow instructions for both!


Whilst using the books for baking and reading, you’ll also be laughing a long with the comics on each page and the kids will love it!

imageSo why not enter, for yourself or someone you know who enjoys reading a traditional Scottish comic  with our favorite family , knitting and baking! You won’t be disappointed!


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A Getaway Without Going…And Some Ramblings

I’ve always wanted to be creative despite thinking that I have no skills , wanting a wee corner somewhere to come up with ideas and to write and read in but never really having the time or the money to do so. Until now. I was reading through an incredibly inspiring blog by the talented Mamma Syder and I have so much inspiration that I could burst!She has given life to some new ideas with some of the projects that she has already completed and I have decided that I will work on three and give myself a whole year to complete or start them.

The post which has given me most inspiration is this one here about her back garden book nook and my idea of an oasis where you could sit for hours no matter what the weather and feel as though you are a million miles away from things but its located in your back garden. We certainly have enough space to complete something similar and we already have most of the materials to do it with, it will just take a bit of planning on my part, some tutorials via you tube and some help from my friends. We still have plans to complete the b&q project and I will be starting that tonight (blog post to follow this week), which will be purely for the kids and their friends and I hope that can become a craft room/sleep over area. Also, we had been thinking about moving as our flat is really pretty small however, although we could move it would mean increasing our monthly mortgage and with being from Canada , I would have to sacrifice my trips home which I really am not willing to do. So expand we will! The house isn’t that bad and the kids are still young enough that we are able to have them in the same room.


We have also decided to purchase a “summer house” for the back garden which we can use for dinner parties, guitar playing , an area for guests who may come to stay for the night and a general hub for activity. I have wanted one of these for absolute ages and after seeing my friends who writes here @And1makes4 which was purchased last year, I can’t stop thinking about the possibilities! She has been using hers for working from as she is self employed and I think uses it for entertaining too. Its a perfect place for friends to pop round to and I think I will start hosting my Christmas BBQ’s in there as well.

My second project which is over due now that we have changed rooms with the children, is to redecorate our small bedroom. I am liking the “shabby chic” look  and have some paint left over from when I worked with Dulux on a previous post, and its the perfect color to use which means I’m not having to spend any money on the paint. I’m thinking of “upcycling” and I have been reading and doing research on how to do it but will be starting small before I let myself loose in the bedroom.

The third project is upcycling a door which we no longer use but I want to make a table out of it for the Summer House. I have been looking on Pinterest for some ideas and there certainly are many! I originally wanted to make a picture frame to mount on the wall but since moving into the other room, the wall isn’t big enough and I think it would look far too silly in such a small space. I also have some old bedside tables in the loft that I could use to try upcycling and if it doesn’t work out well, I haven’t spent any money on it.

So these are my projects for the year ahead, I look forward to trying them out and I hope to be successful! It may mean that my blogging falls a bit behind but I want to involve the kids and the husband as a family project in the making. Stepping away from it isn’t that bad because we all need a break now and again!

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