Beefeater Does Christmas!

I received an email asking me  to review The Castle Beefeater’s, new Full On Festive menu and being a fan of all things Christmas, I thought “why not”? It’s possibly going to be one of the few nights out that I have due to work and study and it gave me a chance to catch up with a friend and my cousin.

Our reservation was booked for 7:30pm and although it was a horribly stormy night, I’m very glad that we ventured out to the restaurant over in Newton Mearns for what would be a lovely evening with gorgeous melt in you mouth food and such wonderful and accommodating staff. We had already emailed with our choice of food and I think on reading it, I was already salivating at the choices!

We were greeted by Alastair – one of the managers, and he showed us to our table, took our orders for drinks and explained that our food which was pre ordered, was ready for us when were were. Our waitress for the majority of the evening was the lovely Kirsty and we also spoke with Chris who helped us when we had a tiny issue with one of our steaks… Now, when I say issue- this is not a negative, it was a minor detail as to how one of the steaks would be cooked. I have been in many restaurants and this one really exceeded my expectations on many levels. When we asked for the steak to be returned for further cooking, we had the full plate replaced with all fresh items and offered food in between it being cooked as well.

For our starters, two of us had the crispy garlic and herb breaded mushrooms and the other had tomato soup with roasted red pepper. Both were very well presented and also incredibly tasty. I have to admit when agreeing to sample their menu, I wasn’t expecting the food to be so fresh and tasty and  thought it was going to be your usual pub/chain type of choice where everything is deep friend in a gallon of fat and oil. There was so many different things to choose from and I think I need to go back to try it all!

After our starter, our main arrived – Fillet Steak Rossini –  oh my word, It was amazing! The steak was one of the best that I have ever tasted, it was cooked exactly how I liked it and the meat was very tender. Being a fan of steak myself and often cooking Fillet Mignon for the family, this was better than anything that I have produced and I’m pretty good at cooking! Along with the steak which was served on top of toasted ciabatta, it was topped with a smooth chicken liver pate.  It was served with Dauphinoise Potatoes and slow roasted tomato and mushroom and beef jus.

At this point, we were stuffed to the brim and thankfully asked by Kirsty if we had wanted to wait a bit before our desert was brought out. We chatted for some time and then decided to see what was next, which was Chocolate Melt in the Middle Pudding, and for the other, Sundae with Orange Matchmakers. Spoiled was the theme of the night and spoiled was certainly what we experienced which is why I will be recommending this restaurant to my friends, family and anyone else who will listen! There are also many lovely items on the menu different to what we chose, such as the traditional turkey with all of the trimmings, cod loin with champagne sauce, mushroom and brie wellington, and a double steak festive burger.. See what  mean about being spoiled for choice?!  The children’s menu is also quite varied and will satisfy their taste buds with a choice of soup, poppin chicken, cheesy garlic bread, roast turkey, cod cubes, chips and peas, macaroni and cheese, and a 4oz flat iron steak. Also, note that kids under 3, eat free!

I have never considered going out for dinner on Christmas Day but after having this meal, in this particular restaurant and with such lovely staff, I do believe next year might actually be that first for us as a family. The atmosphere, friendliness and good quality food was enough to change my mind. For us, food is obviously the decider on where to go but to feel so welcomed by the staff .. they deserve to be highly praised. If you want to book with them, pop in and get a menu, place your order and let them take care of everything because you won’t be disappointed.

  • Thank you so very much, to Kirsty, Alastair, and Chris, along with  The Castle Beefeater , for having us and many thanks to the chef for producing such amazing food!


My Business Plan..

Lately I have been thinking a lot about where I want to go and what I want to do with myself once I have completed my diploma next June… usually these thoughts come knocking a long with the insomnia and I have come to some conclusions… Money isn’t the be all and end all. Whaaaat? I hear you say… ok, let me explain.

I started my course in Complementary Therapies in June and I’ve always known for a while that this would be for me as I like the holistic approach to life, it ties in with previous course I did  in counselling, my constant quest of eating clean (going through a period of eating like a horse), and my love for exercise (also on back burner but getting on wagon today). So I have the tools and the means but its putting it all together The pieces of the puzzle are coming together but it’s a lot of hard work.

So here is my plan… We purchase the summer house within the next month, it goes up and gets decorated, I see clients there and I slowly pick up classes in business studies to create the service that I feel I want to deliver. I want to be able to work from home and work around the kids and family life.

The important part: Client base. Most people are happy to work in a salon etc and that’s great but I want to mainly work with people who are/have experiencing PND/Pre natal /post natal anxiety/PTSD and anxiety. I want to be able to provide an afford able service to people who really do need it. Some may even get a free experience based on their circumstances. The aim is to help in their healing process but not to have the anxiety of not being able to afford the treatments. I know what the oils can do, I had treatments when I was going through my journey and it just adds to any other type of therapy that someone is getting. Some people may think that it is silly to want to give out free treatments or charge for services  but I see it differently.  The power of touch is an amazing healing quality and if it helps people, I couldn’t care less about profit.

I will also be taking on all types of different clients but this is my main focus as will hopefully being able to work in a hospice or with people nearing end of life as I believe it to be a privilege to be with someone when they die. Strange to some but I wouldn’t agree.

This is where I am just now in life and study, a few things have been thrown into the mix but I’m getting there,  with lots of support from friends and family.. I wish I had done this sooner but things happen in life for reasons and I wasn’t meant to do this until now. Its been a test of strength and  think so far, I am passing! I love what I am going although there have been days where I could throw the covers over my head and stay in bed but I’m looking towards the future.

If anyone is reading this and is currently going through PND etc, please contact me for a free session, I have insurance and I will travel. There are some fantastic services out there, use them, me and use social media.  It was the through twitter that I got most help and tapped into things like PND hour with the lovely Rosey, midwife to mum and so many other very supportive people. You don’t have to go through this alone. My ear is always there as well as a shoulder for support.

Story Fest : St Enoch Centre

Last week M and I were invited along to the St Enoch’s Centre in Glasgow, to be part of “Story Fest”, to meet and hear Author Lyn Nicol , read from one of her “Badger The Mystical Mutt”, books. We both had a great time hearing about Badger and she engaged really well with the other children who also attended. It was so lovely to be part of this event, its a magical experience to not only meet an author but to also hear them read one of their books aloud. We had some photos taken with Lyn at the end and she signed M’s book as well. We have since purchased more of her books, they tell a story but they also deliver messages within.

We loved how the St Enoch’s centre was transformed into a pop up library with comfy bean bag chairs and fake grass. It certainly drew in the children who were round about, shopping with their families as it was half term. I think to have a “library” to stop at, read for a little bit, should be a permanent fixture as it does encourage children to do more reading and adults to sit and spend time engaging with our kids rather than be distracted by our phones etc.

I love that the St Enoch Centre has events like these, this was in conjunction with Glasgow City Libraries,  and it wasn’t just our event that was run but there were creative workshops, other author appearances, the lending library and readings of books. All of these events were free, and its exciting to see how the Children’s book festival will develop throughout the years. I’m a huge advocate for families spending time together and reading to one another because not only does it help children with learning, vocabulary, and expanding their minds, it also means finding that hour or so a day/night in a busy and hectic life that we all seem to be living these days.


 As part of our experience, we were kindly gifted with a goody bag, which was very special as it had something for all of us in it.. From the Chocolate, from Hotel Chocolat, A HUGE stuffed Olaf from Debenhams , and a very kind gesture from the St Enoch Centre which will come in handy for Christmas shopping, a £50 voucher . We also received a Voucher from Optical Express for £50 and my husband will be using this as he needs new glasses – will help him with reading to the children at night! I have to say that Optical Express is amazing, I had my laser eye treatment from them and their service is absolutely fantastic!

We had a lovely experience, my daughter is so keen to get her books out at night and if you haven’t already got a library card, I highly recommended that you go to your nearest one. There’s a whole new world out there waiting for you, filled with adventure, learning and entertainment. The whole family can get involved! Go on, choose your own adventure!



Boo! It’s Brewers Scare!!

BTonight the four of us went along to the Brewers Fayre at Cadgers Brae, Falkirk, to sample some of their freaky Halloween delights and to see more about their great programme that they are offerring kids on the run up to the spooktacular day.


“Brewers Fayre, the family favourite pub restaurant, is celebrating Halloween with a Brewers Scare themed ten days to keep you and the kids entertained over October half term.

During the October half term, kids activity mornings will take place every Monday-Friday, with kids receiving a FREE limited edition Halloween themed Beano comic with every kids meal during the half term holiday. A Halloween themed disco will take place Saturday- 31st October the perfect occasion for a kid’s party they’ll remember forever. Even our drinks have had a scare-tastic makeover, with Halloween special Lemon and Slime Starslush.

 All of the above is on top of Brewers Fayre’s year-round great value. Our Daytime Value offer runs from 12 – 6pm Monday to Friday and means guests can enjoy two starters for £2.50, two mains for just £10.99* and two desserts for £2.50, so eating out doesn’t have to be limited to special occasions”.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and the kids had a blast in the soft play area. Infact , both are so wiped out, that they are in bed sleeping!

Here’s some of what we sampled! 


*We would like to thank the lovely staff who served us this evening and Brewers Fayre for offerring us a free 3 course meal.

Calais Trip

I had written about how my daughter and I wanted to go to Calais to bring donations to the refugees who were in Calais, and on Sunday we made that happen..

I had spoken to my daughters head teacher to see if I could ask on our school Facebook page for donations and she kindly allowed us to do so and made room in the school for parents to drop items off and hold them until we went. So on Friday I went with the van and picked the items up. I was taken aback by the kindness of the children and families and the amount that was donated to this cause.

On Sunday afternoon, my daughter and I with the car only having room for us and no one else, drove to Folkestone from Glasgow after I finished work,  to catch the 01:30am Eurostar train. We arrived around 03:00 am (they are 1hr ahead), booked into our hotel and slept for 5hrs before getting up for breakfast. The hotel was only 5 mins away which was intended as I knew that after 7.5hrs of driving, any more on top of that would have been too much.

I was nervous about driving on the other side of the road only because things like the steering wheel not being on the other side, can be quite confusing and lets face it, when you’re tired , its these little things that can really make a difference!

When we were driving from the Eurostar terminal to our hotel, we were already faced with the reality of the situation.. We could see groups of men walking towards the tunnel with hopes and fears moving them on from where they had come from which for some was as much as a 2 hr walk from their camp. It was cold and I can’t begin to imagine how things will be when the temperature drops even more. My daughter couldn’t understand why people in life have to face these issues and she wants to tell the government that no one is the boss of anyone and everyone should live a happy life no matter what. I wish we could all take the view of 8yr olds.

When we went down for breakfast, we realised that our hotel was the “hub” for police who were called in to police the area, and acted as their accommodation. I think apart from 2/3 other people, we were the only civilians who were staying there. I have to say that I felt a bit uncomfortable and that we needed to keep our reason for being in Calais, a secret. I’m sure this was just a silly thought and I was just intimidated by the whole experience.

We set off to find the “jungle” and a woman that I had made contact with but unfortunately we were unable to make contact and M and I were on our own. We drove about for quite some time and we encountered more people walking as well as other police who were in fields with guns and dogs, making sure that folk weren’t making it through the various fences. I think they were pretty crazy about their barbed wire and putting it up anywhere and everywhere, it was ridiculous.

After driving around for quite some time, we asked a policeman if he would direct us, explaining that we would be going back to the tunnel  terminal , returning to the UK ,and he point blank refused to do so. He said that it wasn’t a place for children and I asked him why he thought this as there were many children in the camp/jungle and he couldn’t answer. I told him that we had made this trip with good intentions and he then gave us some information. Off we set and realised after an hour of trying, that he didn’t give us correct info at all. I don’t think it was entirely out of badness although I was angry after our efforts to come down. On our drive we saw and spoke to three men who were carrying sleeping bags , walking towards a field close to the tracks. We won’t ever know their fate and due to language barrier, have no idea if they were coming from the camp but suspect so.

It was nearing our time to go home and we still had a van full of donations, we were both tired and my daughter was starting to feel sick, had a temp and I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to talk to these people in the camps to let them know that we welcome them and what they have been through , it is not right , the conditions that they are living in and what they have had to escape from.. I’m just a woman with a child who if she could take all of them back to Britain – would. naïve, yes. I don’t understand all of the politics behind this that is going on but my daughter and I just wanted to do something to help. No we can’t save the world but we can contribute towards changing conditions and helping them , these incredibly strong individuals.

Deflated, we went back to the tunnel..both silent with our thoughts. The thoughts that I had were about how the media is completely wrong in their reporting of the situation. Imagine, one day you were sitting in your house or school and you were going about your daily life. All of a sudden, your life is at risk and you need to leave, now. You have to gather what little possessions you can which might be your phone in order to keep in touch with family who are also fleeing and the clothes on your back. You might be pregnant or have kids with you. you have to go. They are living lives that we are currently leading. comfortable lives. They have to leave or be killed. That is the reality.

I made contact with a few people via twitter and we managed to secure a place to drop the items off in Preston. The organisation will be going this weekend and I am so glad that they will be reaching the people who need them, to provide comfort and warmth and to know that people care…

I know a few people think that we should have just donated via an organisation here and reading this, you may think the same but that trip sparked a lot of ideas and I have a budding 8yr old activist of a daughter! It won’t be our last trip, not at all. We will be linking up and helping out as much as we can.

As an aside.. we could have easily smuggled 2 people into our car… it would have been difficult to have turned people away..


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