Possibilities are Endless….

Yes, the possibilities are endless when you have PALLETS! I know sounds like a really odd statement to make but I’m really getting into this whole upcycling thing since starting the kids project and having such nice weather. They promise a summer of sun so we need to be prepared to lounge, in comfort and what better way to do that than having some nice garden furniture to do it on!

I’m no expert and you’ll probably find my “projects”, in the Pinterest category of fails but I like trying and it might mean that one day it will lead to something that resembles the pictures that I pin. I also feel relaxed when working out in the garden and its less time on-line and more time doing. I like putting on the radio and can often be found listening to the debates on BBC Radio Scotland as I potter about, doing the things I imagined that I would be when we first purchased this wee cottage flat that is our home.

Today I went to one of the industrial estates and approached a company who has pallets lying around in their yard and the man I spoke with was really enthusiastic about having these recycled and that they would be going towards a project rather than in a tip or fire. He even said that he would have one of the guys deliver them and I just needed to let him know how many I needed, and what day would suit for delivery.

My neighbour who lives downstairs is absolutely amazing when it comes to building things and last summer she built a fence using pallets. She has offered to help me this year as well and I am so pleased that we have a plan because my back garden is a riot. I have said before that I have been inspired by a certain blogger called MamaSyder and I really recommend popping over to her site, she has this amazing little retro caravan and wee summer-house that she did up in her garden. She’s very inspiring and you’ll be hooked on her ideas and how she transforms things!

So here is what I want to do first, this looks simple enough and I hope that it works out to look almost similar.

I don’t know what I will do for cushions but I had thought about getting most of them from charity shops… As for color scheme.. I do like fresh whites and deep red or even purple.  I won’t really be able to start this project for a few weeks as I will be on night shift next week and boot camp the week after (eek!).

Keep checking back on my progress and I’d love to see or hear about your pallet transformations!

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Fort Transformation

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and these can few and far between in Scotland so I put the kids outside  on the trampolene and I picked up a paintbrush and started on the kids fort. I had some white paint left over from when the Husband painted their bunk bed and I really only thought that I would get one panel done so was surprised when it did the whole first coat of the front. What a difference it makes as you can see below!
Later on, I took some bunting from last years garden decoration, to see what it would look like and although it needs a quick spin in the washing machine, I’m pleased as punch with the results. 
As night came, I thought I would put on the old Christmas lights which I purchased with the left over money on the card that I received from B&Q and then lit the lanterns I got as a bargain from Morrisons- they were only £0.50! I’m going to go back and see if they have anymore left because they would look lovely throughout the garden. 
Tomorrow I have the day free and I am going to go to a carpet shop to see if they have any off cuts, and pick up some blue paint to do the porch. My daughter had requested “sky lights” for inside which hope to find some perspex in either a charity shop or in a shop quite cheap. What do you think so far? Quite a difference from what we started off with, as you can see here. I hope to have the rest of it done in a few weeks time, let me know if you have any  tips or ideas!

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Selfish Working Mothers..


According to his woman, this is what we are if we don’t stay at home with our children. Yes, you saw right. I was scrolling through my timeline and I saw this, clicked and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Apologies for the unclear pic but when I went back to re take the pic, it had been removed. You get the point though.

So it wasn’t so much her words (after the initial shock)but the women bashing women rather than us protecting and supporting the sisterhood as it should be. We have fought long and hard for equality but we still judge one another and the choices we make. I admit that I responded with judgement and anger too but it’s really made me think about how we still seem to be at war with one another.

A friend once said to me “no one prepares you for the guilt that you feel in becoming a mother”. I wasn’t sure at the time what she meant but it didn’t take me long to find out. I feel it was probably the most truthful thing that I heard on the lead up to having my first child and it’s something that I pass on. Not to be negative but to prepare for what’s ahead, because for any mother out there, judgement is rife from our fellow females. It might be due to feeling inadequate in the choices we make based on articles like “how to have a happy child in 10 steps” – you know the ones! If I sat down and read all of these parenting tips it would fill my days and not give me time to spend with my kids or have me feeling so low because I wasn’t doing all of the things contained within these daft writings from Mr / Mrs Parenting expert! 

I wonder if we should be concentrating more about writing about living without judgement and guilt and how to feel more secure as parents! The woman wasn’t wrong to state that she feels better being a stay at home Mum but no one should feel persecuted for making the choice to work whether it be out of necessity or because they just like working!! 

She also had a point when she said that we are living in a world where our status is dependant on what we have or own, how we dress and which brands we use. You can’t get away from it and we do live in a consumerist society. Back in the day, customer satisfaction was not what it is today. It is a business all it’s own and we buy into that. Why? We can get away with being rude to shop staff and still get an apology because companies need to sell their product. Values and how we are supposed to act with one another has gone out the window because honesty and values don’t sell products. I’m at risk of going off on a tangent here- ok, I have done this but I guess that I’m just trying to see her point of view without passing judgement. 

As for me, I might even retract my statement and let people look at the bigger picture and stop looking at it in such a black and white way, but she needs to also see it from the other side too. 

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Preparation In Anticipation!

My exciting news was revealed in the last blog post that I wrote,but if you haven’t read it,  I am currently preparing my body and mind for the week long stay at The Camp, and for the last month I have tried to eat as clean as possible with the odd hic ups along the way. For the most  part though , its been a success and I have been teaching myself about what to eat before and after a session, the percentage of fats, proteins and carbs that I need to fuel my body with and why rest days are important despite not wanting to always take them!
I have also been using Pinterest to learn some new exercises because I am now doing leg days, arms, cardio and strength to become more structured in hope of toning all of my body. I am also as mentioned before, putting in a lot of HIIT in, whether that be through my 7min work out app or via classes such as Metafit or Body pump or running up hills in the field next to where I stay. The classes are probably my favourite classes so far and I can notice a huge difference in my strength and fitness levels from when I started back at the gym 4 weeks ago, to now.

I’m really amazed at how much I have learned about myself and healthy eating/exercise and can’t believe that I didn’t try to educate myself properly before. Mainly , to lose weight obviously there needs to be a deficit in how much you eat to the amount of exercise that you do. People think though that if they stay within their calorie allocation  that they will lose weight and get toned. That’s not the case. You need to eat the right kinds of foods because if you rely on rubbish like sweets and fast foods, the body is going to take that sugar and store it. If you want to lose weight and feel better, you need to eat clean.

I like to use the rule of 80/20 and I do treat myself , but the more clean eating that I do the less I want to snack on crap. Its when I have a glass of wine at the weekends that I crave those sugary snacks so I want to cut it out completely. You should be going to the gym because you enjoy it and for health improvement not to work off what you ate after making poor choices.

I’m sure that I will learn a lot more when I go to The Camp, in May.. I think with education to make the right choices, that I can accomplish the many goals I have set for myself. I really want to get a handle on my running because I know I have it in me to do better but for some reason, something just isn’t “clicking”. Maybe I’m not cut out to be a runner but I want to give it my all. Both of my sisters have run marathons.. the idea terrifies me.  Although I do fancy a triathalon.. who knows what the future holds.


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B&Q And Our Family Project

Here it is,  the second in our series of posts about our family project that B&Q have helped us out with, and if this is your first time visiting the site you can read all about it here and it will explain what I am jabbering on about!

The weather has been rubbish and with the way that the back garden is just now, I have lacked in motivation big time. However, tonight was time to throw caution to the wind and get something done! Actually, I had to slide my shift at work because I have lost my voice and the husband came home early so we had enough day light hours to do a bit more.  When I say “we”, I do mean the husband… When you have two young kids and you want to do things as a family , it means chipping in and adding distraction to the mix. Whilst he built (I did do some), I bathed the youngest got dinner ready and the other child played outside on the trampoline. Now, this isn’t the family time together that I wrote about initial post but stay with me on this one. Less stress means more productivity, we were all outside for at least an hour and a half together,  we played & spoke to one another which meant no electronics or TV’s, etc but actual proper family time.

We achieved more on this today and got our enthusiasm back which is a great feeling and when the roof is added, I will let the kids help me paint with no rules, its their house and no one is going to be told off for getting messy. Its all about them and how they want it to look and I get to do some of the interior as well. I’m so excited for the kids and I hope that this brings nights spent in the back garden around the fire, camp outs in the fort, movie nights in it and star gazing. Its time for us and also for them and their friends, to build great and happy memories.

This is what we did today , and tomorrow I will go to B&Q to pick up some exterior wood.. possibly going for a blue and some white for the decking area.. Not sure until I see what they have. What do you think so far?

IMG_3948.JPG  IMG_3947.JPG


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