Diet Chef:Final Week!

Well everyone, I have completed 4 weeks of Diet Chef and I’m sorry that this post is a whole week late due to the eldest child starting back at school and us going back to a routine.. I have my results!

If you remember, I had wanted to lose 4lbs in my final week and was really going crazy with the exercise .. However, this didn’t go to plan and I lost 1lb and 1 inch from my thighs and I think approx 1 inch from my bust as well. Talk about happy! I couldn’t be more delighted at that weight/inch loss. Its amazing for me to be 1 lb off of a stone loss because although I have been working so hard to achieve,  I was a bit skeptical at the start as I just felt that it was  just”TOO EASY”. The proof though is in my results and I will keep on achieving.. I have now gained the understanding about portion control and cutting out alcohol during the week.

I have to say that Diet Chef really has made me sit up and face what was looking back at me in the mirror.. challenge the denial and take responsibility. I didn’t have to worry about going hungry, I could plan my week better and I even found time to relax more in the evening because I didn’t need to pre plan what I was taking to work and as I said in a previous post it made getting the dinners for the rest of the family, even easier.

My experience with Diet Chef has been a positive one and I would thoroughly recommend buying from them because you will lose weight if you follow the plan, and you’ll feel fantastic too. I never felt that I was on a diet because it wasn’t, it was healthy eating and portion control with amazingly yuummy meals.  I challenge you to try it! My next challenge will be to lose another stone for Christmas as I have been motivated and I’d even say that I am on a high. When my daugter went back to school last week, some of the parents that I hadn’t seen this summer, had noticed my weight loss. That is a great feeling.


*Thank you to Diet Chef for allowing me to have a 1 month free trial. All opinions are based on my experience and I have not been paid to say anything other than how I felt and what I experienced.

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Selfish Drivers

A new term with old behaviours .. That’s what’s happening at my daughters school with people double parking, parking on roundabouts, on zig zag lines and performing U-turns in the exit and entrance to the schhol car park. It’s always the same people and despite our local paper, the Rutherglen Reformer, doing many differen’t stories on this issue, people are still ignoring safety issues and still driving in a selfish and dangerous way because they can’t be bothered driving the few seconds that it takes, to go round the easily accessible round about.

Last year, we had a few near misses with various children including my own daughter and when confronting the person who was involved in our altercation,  I was told that “everyone does it” and when challenged that he nearly hit my daughter, he said “But I didn’t”.. this is the type of ignorance that we have to deal with, the laziness that people can’t just get up that little bit earlier, not be late or just walk a few extra yards by parking in a safe place which means that no childs life is put at risk. But they won’t.  It’s the same people who will hit a child, injure them perhaps but say “I didn’t mean to”. I’m sorry , but I have no sympathy for those who are aware of the safety issues but chose to ignore them and then end up causing harm because they don’t want to take responsibility. Its publicised and there are new signs which have been made up for the new term which had to be funded by the money which should be going towards fun activities for the children in the year ahead.

Our head teacher has done so much in trying to get people to stop but her hands are tied and even she has been told off when confronting a driver. This is what we are up against! Instead of admitting that you are wrong, how about accept and change before its too late. Stop being confrontational when asked to stop, put your hands up and be adult about it. Swearing at people (in front of children), and making it about you rather than the safety of our children is not setting a good example for your kids or mine. I won’t stop naming and shaming until these drivers stop and no amount of threatening behaviour will deter me because I care about my child, her safety and that of her peers. I might start being known as a trouble maker or a horn blower to other parents but to be honest, I couldn’t give a rats ass.

Do you have issues at your school? How do you tackle them and have they worked?

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Briarlands Farm

A few weeks ago, a good friend and I rounded up our children (5 in total between us!) to visit Briarlands farm just by Stirling, for an end to summer activity as our kids start back earlier than those schools in England. Here is our experience!


 When we first went in, the kids were automatically drawn to the bouncy pillows which in my daughters words was “Cool”,  and spent quite a lot of time on them, with the youngest of the group just happy to run around without having to worry about being told not to go to certain areas. This was pleasing to me too because I could actually sit down with my friend and have a conversation and to any parent of young children, this is a god send as usually you don’t even manage to sit down to do anything without having a hanger on!



At the farm, there were various activities things from tractor rides (£1), go carts, animals to look at and feed(there was feed on offer for 0.50p), a cafe with toys and a soft play area inside, sand box, slides and climbing frames. It was every kids dream and set amongst some of the most beautiful scenery which was most pleasing to the eye and we were lucky enough to get some nice weather to have a picnic in their picnic area. The great thing was though that if the weather wasn’t so good, we could have taken the kids in to the “Busy Bee” craft area or the “Pick your own” – which we did and the strawberry picking made for some lovely jam!

 All in all, we had a great day out with the kids, it wasn’t very far from home and it tired the kids out and the adults were happy with the coffee and lovely cakes that were on offer. I would thoroughly recommend it, there is a season pass, birthday party package  and other option of events too which you might want to check out. when we go next time, I think we will spend the whole day there and try the activities that we missed out on due to timing and my daughter especially said that she wants to try the arts and crafts and see more of the gift shop.



*Thank you to Elaine, Joanne and the lovely staff at Briarlands for letting us come and enjoy the farm, top day was had by all!





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What to pack on a camping holiday



As the summer holidays are closing and coming to an end, we decided to pack the kids up and go  camping for a night. We would normally go for longer but because the midgies are pretty bad and I haven’t got any skin so soft, we just decided on the one night. We headed up to the banks of Loch Lomond, just past Balmaha and found one of the camp grounds where we had visited before but not with both kids. The views are breathtaking and the kids are able to go paddling with our tent just close by and I was able to read some of my book but it being safe enough for me to watch them at the same time.

 We haven’t been proper camping for a while, it was an activity that I loved when I was younger, growing up in Canada and one that we did quite a bit of when M was younger. I remember as a child, cathching fireflies in a jar, sitting around a campfire and just having a lot of fun with my friends in our back yards or down by the beach and this is a tradition that I want to pass to my kids.  I decided to compile a list of what to pack when camping, and also when doing so with young kids.

 1. Travel Cot- Its surprising how easily it fits into the tent and it means more sleep for the parents as you don’t have to worry about taking the kids into bed with you and scared about moving in the night, waking up the baby! Make sure you pack a soft blanket for underneath, and a sleeping bag.

 2. Air bed & Sleeping bags or duvet with a soft fleece lining inside for extra warmth- These will save you from waking up on a cold hard floor and also provide fun for the kids if you have to stay inside the tent due to rain and lets face it, in Scotland we have our fair share!

 3. Camping Stove- There is nothing more satisfying than making your dinner or cup of tea on a wee stove! I think its one of the best things about camping. I like waking in the morning, putting the stove on and boiling the water for a cip of coffee before anyone else gets up, looking out onto the Loch and listening to the quiet, its absolutely priceless.

 4. Plastic Bags/bin bags – We need to keep our countryside clean which unfortunately a lot of people don’t adhere to and this makes me sad because we have some of the most stunning views in Scotland and people come far to experience it. Bags also come in handy if its raining.

 5. Tea/ coffee/ salt/sauces- This will stop any unwanted expenses and we like to have a cuppa on arrival and it’s always good to have your own condiments with you as on site prices can be expensive and they don’t always stock what you need.

 6.Cutlery/plates- This is a no brainer! always take a sippy cup if you are bringing young children and for adults, take some cup cake holders and straws to put over your own drink to save any bugs from getting inside.

 7. Board Games/Cards- For the kids as well as the adults. It keeps them and you, occupied if it rains and opens up a social aspect for others within the campground too if you’re that way inclined.

 8. Outdoor Games- Such as badminton tennis or even a football. Again, it helps the kids meet other children.

 9. A Flashlight- For when you need to visit the loo in the middle of the night. Also wipes and toilet paper are handy too. Also a lantern for night time and maybe some fun looking ones for the kids that you can pick up in any pound store that they can carry on their own.

10. A mirror- Sometimes the showers can be too busy and if you wear contacts/make up, its always easier to do it from the comfort of your own tent. I usually bring a travel mirror which goes everywhere with me. One side is normal and the other magnifies so even if you do wear lenses, you don’t have any issues with seeing when using the magnified side.

 11. A disposable bbq- if you haven’t got a camping stove and you can get them pretty cheap in the pound store/B&M home stores/Tesco/Asda but make sure that you bring matches or a lighter.

12. If you aren’t near a shop or major supermarket, I always like to plan meals for the duration of the trip from snacks to mains because its cheaper to plan and easier to prepare at home.

These are our tips for camping and I hope that they are helpful to you and yours!

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DIY with Dulux

We aren’t very good at DIY.. not at all and I admit this wholeheartedly. I WANT to be good at it I really do but I haven’t got the know how to match things, colors, fabrics. I see things and Pin them on Pinterest all the time and I have the best intentions but I either never get round to them due to work/kids but I have made an effort and set a goal. We are finally going to get everything in ship-shape for Christmas coming and lucky us, have the help of Dulux to make that happen.
I approached them last week to see if they worked with bloggers and to my delight, they answered my email and were willing to come on board to help out. They told me about an app- the visualiser, that has been designed where by you can point it at the wall(s) that you will be painting, let you choose a color and it adds it to the wall on your camera! How utterly awesome is that?! It’s just what I need, because in the past I have made some really awful choices and I could have been saved from painting hell, had I known about this miracle app- as I refer to it as. With the  help of the staff, and to match with the wall paper, we have chosen Clouded Slate.
Also, as winter is coming, I want to be able to hide in my comfy house, with the kids feeling cosy and I thought I might as well choose some colors with the help of the fantastic Dulux  staff,and create a home that is all of those things and more! So here is my first post in the series of DIY because there is going to be quite a lot done possibly all of the house minus our bedroom… I will show before, during and after pictures… wish us luck. I’m a rebel without a clue…
Here are a few pics of what we are changing…We had a disaster last time we “decorated”, in that we got someone to come in and do it for us but he said that the paint was watery and there are actual water marks on the walls. I think doing it ourselves will produce a much better job and I can’t believe I didn’t ask for our money back!



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